Card of the Day Thursday Novemember 17, 2011

Well, today’s card was once again the No card; I even changed physical decks (same Psy cards but a newer deck) and we still got the same card as yesterday, even after a good deal of shuffling.  This indicates that the major blocking energy from yesterday is still in effect during this 24 hour period.  So from a world-wide energy view-point, things are not moving rapidly but in fact are stuck in a bit of a holding pattern.  Even the second card, The Beauty is not all that different from yesterday’s Libido Card, in that both are centered around desire and the celebration of the life force; just in slightly different ways. 

The Beauty Card showed up fairly recently, near the Liar card which might indicate a false Beauty, here we have a situation in which no Beauty is even found (though there may be attempts to try to make something appear to be Beautiful). 

In a personal reading, The Beauty if often a very good card, it is the card for the inner-realization that as a person you are beautiful and worthy of self-love (not selfish love, but self-love).  While over-rated sometimes in the West, a certain amount of self-love and self-confidence is needed in order to be able to give to others outside yourself.  The dark side of this card is personal pride (of the sort that comes before a fall) or too much self-absorption (vanity). 

Together, included with yesterday’s cards; I’m going to guess that we should expect more mass media stories along the same lines as the ones we had today; perhaps with some rather extreme attempts to make some stories look like good news (beautiful) when they are not.

I am also sensing a certain amount of Pride and Self-Vanity/Selfish Love on the part of certain world leaders/tribes/nations that may lead them towards some of the folly I saw coming into play with this weeks arrival of the Stranger Card.  Whomever the Stranger is, he may be seen as a “solution” by some who try to court “him” (he may be a person/tribe/nation that is new to a particular world situation). 

I sense this is partly the world financial situation again, but also has over-tones of the possible war that started showing up in the cards lately.

Finally, the card warns that something that appears to be beautiful, simply isn’t – No Beauty and No Libido, also bring hints of threats to human romance, reproduction and genetics. 

A reading again on several levels, but the most important thing to remember is that the blocking card is strong.

In individual readings, if you have an afternoon like I did, where absolutely everything you were so supposed to do, deposit or sort could not be done because of some slight problem or error; remember it isn’t just you, it is largely the energy of the day.  That can help keep you from exploding at the rather tedious stuff and concentrate on blockages that may be more serious.

Because the energy of the day will try to cover-up or block that which truly is Beautiful, celebrating what you personally find to be beautiful (in you life, your home, your mate etc) is a good counter-active measure.  Ignore depressive voices that tell you how ugly or unworthy you are; most likely they are simply spill overs from the rather negative energy set that has been floating around for nearly 48 hours now.

Hopefully, these energies will soon break (they never stay exactly the same for very long) and at least take off in another direction.  Tomorrow’s three-day weekend spread should guide us in exactly what direction that is likely to be.

That’s your card for today, remember you can get your card today or any day by getting a reading.

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