Card of the Day – Wednesday November 16, 2011

Today we once again get the fun of a two card reading, because the No card means pretty much what it says “No” something or other, and for a world-energy reading we really would like to know “no” what.  The universe (and the cards) continue to display a sense of humor by now throwing the Libido card at as, the card that in its most basic message is “sexuality and life force.”  So, if this reading were for an individual clients, I would have to strongly suggest that tonight would not be a good time for a hot date or romantic dinner with their spouse.

That said, in addition to the rather obvious “No Sex” message of these cards, there probably a much deeper meaning here when taken on a world-wide (or at last Western World basis).  That come from reading The Libido card in the role of “Life Force/Living Energies/Male Displays/Male Combat” etc…

I’m getting two gut level pulls today for the direction of this “no,” one is based on the males getting ready to possibly battle of an unseen possible mate just out of the picture on the card.  I think this indicates that for now, “no” final decisions are being made on who is likely to fight whom in the possible coming war, but that a lot of “display” behavior (aka saber-rattling) may be going on today.

The other pull I’m getting is further danger (or awareness of further danger) to the “life force” being lower (or gone) from modern foods and agricultural/live stock products.  Sex is totally connected to genetics and reproduction in the natural world and I see a major threat looming here, perhaps both from “unnatural selection” of various sorts (including but not limited to GM products) and perhaps to reproduction itself – both animal and human.  We’ve gotten this card before and I’ve had similar reactions but it is pretty strong this time – there could even be faint ties to the nuclear accident in Japan and the fall out in Europe (which I suspect may be the results of a hidden test or accident that has not come to light yet).

So while The Libido refers in the direct sense to the celebration of life and the creation of life; the NO card indicates that something is/will be a threat/stop this from happening.  Just what will be celebrated or substituted remains to be seen, but whatever it is it does not feel healthy or helpful for mankind’s future.

On the other hand, a good news from this reading is that it is unlikely that a direct war will start out today, if anything the players are likely to become more tangled up in trying to sort themselves out.  As long as the peacocks dance, they are unlikely to actually do anything directly; but if they are not careful the snake at their feet may attack and bring forth a totally different conflict, from the one they are currently playing at.

So look for news stories leaking out on any/all of these subjects today because while there are still attempts being made to hide this stuff, the cards indicate it is leaking out in various ways.  I get the image of the cards squashed together like a sandwich and the stories oozing out like too much jelly in all directions when the sandwich is picked up and held.

Finally, for individuals, while not a great day for a hot date; being aware that today could be a source of unhappiness and conflict (especially between romantic partners) is the best way to head such a thing off and turn it to your advantage.

While today might not be a good time for the actual dance of life, taking part in the more tender aspects of relationship such as listening to one another, walking in the park, holding hands or making long-term plans are all good ways to engage with each other; without attracting the negative energies hanging around today.  Be kind to each other and realize that today’s “hot button” issue may be as simple as a real headache and be ready to grab the bottle of message oil, hugs or even a gentle pat that says, “I understand dear, lets give each other some space tonight,” and go find good books to read or a movie to rent.

As an overwhelming energy, I sense this No card is going to pass rather quickly from the daily picture, allowing the more enjoyable aspects of the Libido card to come back into their own.  The under-lying danger to the world may not go away, but it shouldn’t be a major concern for the average couple the way it might be for the next twenty-four hours or so.

That’s your card(s) of the day!

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