Card of the Day – Tuesday Nov 15, 2011

Today’s card both “fell” out of the deck with the Stranger on top of the Warrior card, but only partially covering it.  For that reason I am reading these two cards together as being of equal strength, but with the first partly hiding the second.

In a personal reading, The Stranger card often comes up as either an unknown part of the self or an actual stranger coming into a client’s life.  If your reading for future relationship, it often signals that the new love interest is currently not known to the client.  Ditto, the warrior card may indicate a person’s “inner-warrior,” but is most often seen as a women’s love interest (boyfriend or husband) and less often as an actual military or protective figure in a person’s life.

Since we are reading for world energies, rather than an individual; this reading becomes a bit more complex than simply “a tall dark handsome stranger is uniform is likely to come into your life.”  However, what it does suggest is that there is something  or someone (s) new coming onto the world battle front. 

Yesterday we had Money and today we are strong hints of war, possibly for now a hidden or “strangers” war, one partly blocked by the very energies of the Unknown force or Stranger themselves (at least for now). 

No to be too “cosmic” or even drastic here, but the cards really do suggest that some new power/force/nation/person is/has come onto the world stage and is either partly hiding the coming news of conflict or possibly trying to work behind the scenes to avoid it.  If there is more than one individual or nation involved, these shadow forces (notice the stranger is shadowed by the opening door) they could be working at cross-purposes making the cards even harder to puzzle out.

My gut feeling is though that “new/strange” energy and/or person/Peoples are suddenly coming into the world energy picture and about the influence “The Warrior” in this case in his symbolic stance of war/warfare/defender. 

I’m not getting anything more concrete that than, other than this shows the energies are suddenly shifting but not directly away from the previous trends, rather more like a sideways push from these new/strange forces. 

I think it is likely we are simply going to have a wait a bit longer in order to be able to identify the “The Stranger(s)” with any degree of certainty here but we can keep our eyes open for them.  The one clew we do have is that they may be driven by money/wealth/gain or a threat to their existing fortunes; or they could be a totally new force/direction, we will just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, individuals can look forward to surprises and new people in their life and if you’re looking for a new romantic partner, this would be a good day for a well-planned blind date.  Just be sure and double date with someone you know, because strangers can be exciting but not all are totally safe.  Today’s a good day to get to know a potential partner better and also a good day for meditation on the lesser known parts of your own soul. 

Much that is hidden, can be revealed that way; both inside of us and in the outside world as well.

That’s your card(s) of the day, remember you can get your cards for today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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