Card of the Day -Weekend Edition-Nov 11-13

This weekend’s cards are very interesting and also show the advantages one sometimes gets with multiple-card readings vs. single ones. While you can read a lot into one card (and I do my best) sometimes a larger number is needed to get the full picture and this reading is a perfect example of that.

The first card is The Beauty and it is one of the “best” cards in the deck under most circumstances.  In a personal reading, this is the young women seeing herself in the mirror for the first time and realizing she’s lovely; it is a card of self-confidence and self-esteem.  While these concepts are sometimes lauded a bit too loudly in the Western World, in general people need to have a certain level of self-love in order to love others.  Since this card is the “awakening” of self-love, it usually a great card to start off a reading was.

And so I was hoping it would be here, perhaps the energies were finally starting to change and things were looking up in the world of Earth-Energy readings?  But then I pulled the next two cards and a totally different picture emerges, while the Beautiful energy is still there (and some people will be able to take advantage of it, to their and the world’s great gain); the Liar Card and the Death card indicate pretty strongly that Miss-Beauty is not all she seems.  In fact, she may not be truly beautiful at all, most likely inside she is down right ugly, deceptive and dead to her own or anyone else’s feelings.

The Liar card indicates both the attempts by those in control to distract the public from the man behind the curtain; and the false message that “The Beauty” is truly Beautiful.  I keep getting the sense of that old line about lipstick on a pig;

“you can put lipstick on a pig to dress it up, but it is still a pig…”

In this case, I once again think these cards refer mainly to the situation in the EU and the countries often called “The PIIGS” (Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain” plus some Greek Baklava thrown in for desert.  The idea that somehow, with new governments sworn in and various “austerity” measured agreed, that everything is now just “beautiful” is being put across by the Mass Media as much as possible.

Meanwhile, that pesky Death Card indicates that these attempts at distraction, lying, falsehood and possibly even betrayal; are actually leading to a total dead-end.  At the very least, these distractions are not going to work in the long run and at the worse, well the Death card can also indicate the “Death or Final Ending” of someone or something; as well as a sudden stop, followed by massive change.

In addition to the EU situation, I also gets whiffs of the Middle East and Japan in these cards as well.  Just like in several previous readings, while the eyes of the Western World are mostly on the EU and North America; the Middle East and Japan also have their  own attempts at deception going on. 

In the Middle East, there seems a strong attempt to deflect attention from the region and “tone down” the messages in the press, at least for a few days.  While there are still some fairly serious stories about the situation, and the majority of the headlines may be of a military nature given the US and UK Veteran’s holidays; but they are not the sort of screaming doom they were just a few days ago.  In reality I get the feeling this is another attempt to dress up the pig in a ball gown and hope people don’t look to closely, as underneath her skirts I think all sorts of bugs and creepy crawlies are marching around and no one is quite sure where exactly they will settle.  A few may even have the false-confidence to think they can direct their armies of ants in one direction or the other, but I get the feeling that once the hive is disrupted, things will quickly get away from everyone.  That time isn’t quite here yet, but there’s a danger it could happen sooner than later, the energies are there, but they are still waiting for the lit can of propane to be thrown that gets things started.

Finally there is Japan and here the pig decorating contests is really going on with style, careful planning and the sort of control that the Japanese are masters at.  Lovely paints, wonderful Kimonos, perhaps even a tea ceremony or two (like officials drinking contaminated water) are put forth to their own people in hopes they will simply accept the situation as is and ask no further questions.  Meanwhile, if the Pig begins to smell a bit high, they can employ and old Japanese proverb a college roommate from Nagasaki taught me;

“If a pot smells, put a lid on it,”

Or in this case the Western Version may be fit better, “If the Pig smells, put some perfume on the pig..”

Neither course of action actually solves anything, even if the second one brings us full circle back to the situation in Europe again.  But beware, this Japanese undertone keeps coming up again and again, like a sour note on a mostly tuned harp.  You can keep the music going only so long without hitting that string…stay tuned because this is not over yet.

Finally, there is also the huge scandals in the US (several actually) that involve beauty, death and lies (young boys/twisted love/lies/endings) and (military/lies/disrespect for bodies of the young/beautiful/fallen/heroes). 

I could go on with the US headlines concerning these cards, but my sense is that even the most disgusting of them is primarily a distraction from the most pressing issues.  Not that the literal rape of innocence or the mutilation of the honored dead are not real issues/crises (and we may yet see more lies/exposures and even deaths around these horrors) but simply they also are appearing at the very time the Liar does not really want the public to get a glimpse of what else is behind the curtain. 

Broken hearts (and even minds) can sometimes be mended and the Dead be-buried and given their due; but the final deaths of systems can be very hard for the living to negotiate. 

Individuals can take heart in the fact that (as always) they can use even the most dire energies for their own self-work and spiritual growth.  The Beauty Card is especially powerful for personal meditations, the Liar can be used to know yourself better (and be watchful of the self-deception sometimes hidden in the Beauty) and Death can be used to work on ending things you would prefer to remove from you life such as bad habits or unwanted emotional tangles from the past. 

But over-all, this weekend (and going into next week) the energies suggest attempts at covering up what is really going on with pretty words and puppet shows, while the Tomb waits just outside the theater waiting for the play to be over.

That’s your cards of the Day!

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