Card of the Day, Thursday Nov 10, 2011

Today’s reading is again very brief as I have an urgent appointment I have to run too, tomorrow’s reading will be the full three-day weekend reading and we can catch up.

However, my readers should know that the main energy of the day is The Home, this is a card indicating that it is a good day to focus on family and issues that directly affect the home.

On a macro scale, look for stories about “homes” such as more problems with under-water home-loans, banks that hold such loans, things that affect the “home-front” (aka homeland during war or even “police actions,” and even news stories about the quality of home “life” and the work-life balance.

I also get a sense that this card is offering a partial solution to what the world is facing and that is to “think local, not global” when it comes to personal and even national solutions.  Once again we have the energy not exactly of “looking out for number one,” but of taking care of yourself, your family, your friends or even you nation first; in able to be able to have some to give to others later. 

I also sense strong EU over tones here, more talk of some countries leaving the Euro or actually leaving it in the next few days are possible…not certain, but possible.

That’s your card of the day, remember you can get your cards today or any day by ordering a reading.

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