Card of the Day-Wednesday Nov 9, 2011

Today’s card is The Skills, with a qualifier card of The Scales; while I’m trying to get back to one-card readings, I really felt the skills card alone was not enough to read with today.  I wanted to know what sorts of skills and what they were needed for. 

The answer is both cryptic and interesting, The Scales card indicates a decision that is being weighed in the balance or not yet been made.  This suggests the exact nature of skills needed to do well in this current time period (on a world-wide scale) are not yet known for certain because a major decision or “tipping point” has not yet been decided or reached.

This being the case, we can still read the first card to mean that “good skills” are going to be needed and I suspect that on a macro reading that could include the skills of diplomacy, treaties, international-finance, intelligence (and counter-intelligence aka spies) and most of all “right” leadership.

Meanwhile, although not the primary energy of the day, the Scales indicated that something is being decided (or being decided for) much of the world right now and it “hangs out there” “in the balance” waiting for something to tip it one way or the other.

Once more apples fall from the tree, we may have a better idea which way they are going to tip (or even fall over).

Meanwhile, expect a rather tense and insecure day all round, especially in the news even the main stream media.  This is a day when no stories about movie stars or pop-tarlets are going to be able to hide the fact that something(s) serious is going on. 

Meanwhile on a personal level, a good day to concentrate on skills of any sort (from increasing your typing speed to trying a new recipe for dinner).  It is also a good day to focus on important decisions, especially any that might require serious like changes.  Once looked at, you can also re-look at your skill-sets and see if they need anything added before embarking on such changes.

So, over-all a rather tense but productive day for many people; a rather concerning day for the world at large.  Hopefully the cards will be able to show us where things are “tipping” to in the next few days.

That’s your card of the day, remember you can get your card of today or any day by ordering a reading.

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