Card of the Day -Tuesday Nov 8, 2011

Today’s card is Liberation, or the breaking free of someone or something – given yesterday’s turning Wheel of Fortune Card, I wanted to get a bit more information on just what might be Liberated today.  Since the Liberation card itself “fell” out of the Deck while shuffling, I reshuffled the cards and the next two cards are what came up as qualifier cards.

We have Fortune (Seeking/Treasure/Money) and Never (Blocking forces/Dark Messenger/Communications/The Raven/Never happen).  Which makes this reading a bit harder to get a handle on than most, but giving the cards of the last few weeks (which can be read here on the site) I think the pattern becomes a little clearer.

As a  reading for world energies (especially Europe and North America, which is the side of the Earth I tend to visualize when I do these readings) it indicates that something is about to break out soon and the main issue is likely to be fortunes and money; this “breaking free” will directly affect those “seeking” fortunes as the man with the lantern on the card is in the process of doing.  Much of the time, this card is about seeking wisdom (especially in personal readings) but in this case I think the Treasure at the top of the stairs really is about “Treasures on Earth” rather than “Treasure in Heaven” so to speak.

If the card’s stopped there, it might look pretty good for those making their “fortunes” in finance but because I like to get two qualifier cards (when I use them) we get a very different message. 

The card is NEVER and pictures the Raven, Winter Snow and even the skeleton of another Raven hinted at in the branches.  This card can mean “Never” when asked a direct question in a personal reading, but on a world-energy reading it more often means that there is a darker message going on that first appears.  The Raven, is Norse Mythology is also a messenger who goes about the world brining information to the God Odin as he sits on his High Seat and over looks the world.  Odin himself, is associated with communications, wars and wisdom; which is interesting given the usual “seeking of wisdom” often show in the Fortune Card.

I’m almost inclined to read these cards to indicate that the forces have “broken free” that may “allow” some people to “seek their fortunes” (or try not to lose them) in the world of finance.  They may seek to do this by way of war or other social upheaval/sleight of hand, but the Raven suggests that this is “never” going to work, at least not as planned.  I keep seeing the Raven skeleton behind the living Raven suggest the direction this seeking of fortunes might be headed.  It also, quite frankly, gives me the chills…

On the other hand, for individuals, today may be a very good day for personal growth, breaking free of old habits, tackling financial issues (like the family grocery budget) that might be getting out of hand, preparing for Winter (buying heating oil, putting up the storm windows) etc. 

A good meditation might be to focus on the Fortune Card it its wisdom aspect, visualizing the man with the lantern seeking wisdom as he goes up the stairs.  Personalize the “Treasure” as precious thoughts and jewels for the soul, as well as the money/goods needed to sustain life.

There is nothing wrong with basic prosperity or freedom from want, the issues I’m seeing in these cards refer more to folks with “great fortunes” that may be at risk.  For the rest of this, this moving energy could prove a good thing, or at least be captures and harnessed in good ways.

There is no such thing as a totally “bad” day energy wise, but some energies are easier to flow with than others.  While this does not look like an “easy” day, I think for the average person it won’t go to badly either.  But do pay attention to the news, because out-side events may start moving quickly and the Raven also suggests a hard Winter ahead (for those of us in the North anyway).

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