Card of the Day -Monday Nov 7, 2011

Today’s card is The Wheel and it means we kick this week off with a sense of Fate, Karma and Major Decision points.  This fits with almost all the cards from the last few weeks, which started out with a pattern of hidden decisions that would start coming to light, followed by attempts at distraction (and lies) to the public; hints of involvement by Italy/Bank(s)/Vatican (State church/banks not individual Catholics)/world finances/Work and the Home/the EU/Treaties /Social Unrest and even possible Wars in the offing.  

While most of this didn’t really need a psychic in order to see them, the cards have been a bit uncanny in the way they have tended to focus on each thread as it came up in the weaving and then sunk a bit to the background as the material patterns changed.  Most of these patterns didn’t go away, they just folded back into the pattern for a few days before they came back up again.  Just exactly what happens on my floor loom when weaving a repeated, but somewhat complex, pattern.

One of the other meanings of this card is “Cycles and Repeated Cycles of History” and when this card came up the last time, a couple of months ago; I felt it indicated this time period would be remembered as such a cycle.  I think some of this meaning still holds, but more important this time is the card as the indicator of a time with potential for great change, upheaval and fate rolling along in pathways already set in motion.   The wheel is turning now, and nothing and no one can stop it; re-direct it a bit but even that could be dangerous.  Right now, water tempers the mill-wheel (in the picture) and keeps the wheel going in place on a known course; rip the wheel out of the wall and it might roll off into the nearby grass or even sink beneath the water. 

Better to let the wheel turn and keep climbing the spokes as needed to keep out of the water, or hang on for dear life if pulled under in hopes of coming back up again.  Bottom line, the wheel is already set on going around this time; best to just pay attention, be watchful and be ready to move as needed (or stay put if that looks to be the wiser course). 

Meanwhile, on a personal level, this means today is likely to be a “high energy” day, with perhaps some major decisions (or the consequences of major decisions) coming into your life in a big way.  Really good things that are “fated” may happen too (like meeting a new partner or finding a new solution to a problem); so use today’s energy to the positive in your personal life.  This is a good day to examine your life, where you’ve been and where you are going; and a fairly good day for putting new plans into action.  But do remember that choices made today may have a great long-term impact than they might on less powerful days; so be careful how you choose, you may be living with the results for quite a while.

That’s you card of the Day, A pretty cool card to start the new week with – a fresh cycle may be starting, so why not get reading and get a personal reading for YOUR cards of the day?

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