Card of the Day – Weekend Edition Nov 4 – 6

Well, this weekend’s Cards: Prison, The Tree and The Beast are certainly interesting and look a wee bit dicey in terms of a world energy reading.  It looks like some of the past week’s energies may be coming to a head right about now, and not everyone in the world is going to be very happy with the results.

The first card is Prison, which shows a prisoner trapped behind bars and too depressed in his chains to even look up and see the sun beam coming through the window above.  In a world-energy reading, I see this as a symbol of “feeling trapped”, “up against the wall” and “with no way out.”  Once again I think this card is partly about the situation in the EU, but possibly the world financial situation as a whole.  I’m also picking up some side signals from the Middle East, but those are fainter, the notes are there but a bit more distance, but not necessarily less important.

The Tree, is normally a very good card, it is the strong support that we build our families (our personal “Trees”) and friendships with.  We want to “put down strong roots” and be secure in our branches.  But this time I’m seeing the card is this placement as more like the tree itself being endangered or at least boxed in.  As a reader pointed out the last time this card came up, because of the way the card is drawn, both the branches and the roots are squared off as in a box or cage.  Most of the time, I don’t even notice that aspect of the card, but it really is coming home right now. 

So we have trapped, and boxed in (with possible threat to the foundations of something) followed by probably last, but not least; one of the two “worse” cards in the Deck (the other being Destruction) The Beast.  Our friend the Beast (or the Dragon if you prefer) is a symbol for all those dark, seething, angry emotions that all of us have somewhere inside but as adults we learn to control when to express (or at least we try to).  The only upside of this card is when it comes out in a position of needed release; I’m sensing a possible release here all right, but I’m not getting warm, fuzzy feelings around it either.

My real feeling on these cards on the macro-level is that this weekend (or very soon there after) a lot of the anger, rage, frustration and entrapped feelings on the part of much of the public may start being displayed in some very direct ways.  Ditto, I think the same emotions may play out on the part of some world leaders (look for possible fire works at the G20 summit meeting and similar locations) with both “sides” feeling “trapped” and their foundations in danger of the raging beasts outside the door.

In some cases, I think mobs, crowds (armies?) may themselves become The Beast, as crowds (even those formed with the best of intentions) can sometimes form mob minds of their own.  Anyone attending a demonstration this weekend (and into early next week) should be careful to watch for things getting out of hand and have a personal with-drawl plan already sorted ahead of time.  The rage may express itself from either direction, but the energies for it are all over the place with these cards; so be both whary and careful even if you are feeling so “trapped” that you feel you must do something to “break-out” pick your battles and choose your territory. 

On a personal level, energies floating around like these can make it very easy for family fights, miss-understandings between friends and all sorts of other petty (and not-so-petty) quarrels to get totally out of hand, very easily.  So try very hard not to light matches this weekend, it is not a good time for practical jokes or taking someone’s feelings lightly.  Many people are likely to be “on edge” and not really sure why; others may feel depressed, hopeless or angry; try to remember that it isn’t “just you” or “just them,” it is some very powerful (and rather dark) energies at play right now.

You can also concentrate on the Tree as a stand alone card, and meditate on the positive aspects of growth, balance, strength and stability.  Meditations on setting things “free” are not recommended simply because of the Beast card in the offing, if it was just the Prison card I might suggest it; but right now a certain amount of personal (and deliberate) “holding in” or “holding back” may be in order.  A sort of “staying sane” when everything else around you is urging you to just let go and scream! 

There will be a time for that as well (there always is) but the potential to get out of hand is very great this weekend.  Caution is advised in both personal and public life – I know these cards explain a lot of my own tensions over the last few hours, being aware of them means I can “fight back” with cups of warm tea, nice music and doing something practical and hand’s on like baking bread or sewing. 

That sort of focused, useful and yet pleasant activity may be one of the best ways for individuals to get through energy periods like this.  Hopefully next week, the energy scales may tip back a bit in a more forward direction and away from the rage and stagnation the cards are showing here.

Until then stay safe, stay warm and be kind to yourself and others.

That was your cards of the day, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by getting a reading.

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