Card of the Day – Thursday Nov 3, 2011

Today’s card is Friendship and is over-all one of the most positive cards in the deck, the picture show three very close friends sitting together in a pub with the hand of a fourth friend about to arrive at the table.  Or maybe it isn’t really a friend at all, but just someone passing by; the implication is it is another friend, but the card will never let us know for sure.  There’s a parrot in the background which can both mimic the friend’s conversation and represent the friendships that people share with their animals and pets.

While this card has shown up before, it hasn’t been seen a lot in these readings, perhaps because of their more world-wide rather than personal focus.  On a world-energy reading I read this card two ways today – first that there is real energy in the air that could be used for treaties, friendships alliances etc (both good and bad); and also that today “friendship” will be tested in a number of places, especially between nations.

Like yesterday’s fairly clear cards about the EU Decision point (Now and the card for Puzzle/Decision) I think this card’s most obvious meaning is a testing of the EU “Friendship,” perhaps with the fourth “friend” lurking in the wings and about to throw a further wrench in the situation? 

I don’t think this card is just about the EU, the Friendship energy feels active everywhere and can help cement alliances already forming but may also show some closed ranks among people/tribes/nations who do not wished to be disturbed by an outside “friend.” 

Still, on a personal level this is a fantastic card and can indicate an over-all good day when close friendships are important and celebrated.  Pretty much an “outward-focused/active” type of day, though not always a high energy one.  A really good day to have a dinner party, an office lunch, a trip to the movies with your best friend etc,. etc…

That is your rather short card of the day (I have to get to the office today) but remember you can get a free and personal reading today and every day but ordering a reading.

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