Card of the Day – Wednesday Nov 2, 2011

Today’s cards are NOW and The Puzzle; the first card jumped out of the deck and the second was the following card.  In this case I am putting them of equal size because I don’t think the second card is simply a qualifier but part of the main message.

This message in its most basic form is simple: Now means Now (or very near future) and The Puzzle is a decision which MUST be made.  It can’t be avoided, it can’t be talked around and it can’t be simply ignored.  It will simply stop you in your tracks while you stand there staring at door number one or door number too; there is no door number three nor is there a way out by going around it either.

So the simplest message of this reading: Now is Decision Time!

What is not quite so obvious is what that decision (or decisions) are but I can make a few gut level guesses for a world-wide energy reading.  The first (and most obvious) is the The Puzzle/Decision of the referendum on Greece which does seem to have been related to the sudden turning of the ship on Monday’s Voyage Card.  A seemingly surprise move on the part of one world leader in a tight spot seems to have sent European (and World) leaders into a tail spin, along with the main economic markets. 

This unplanned bump of the chess board, may be the reason I was sensing the need on “their” part (aka those in real power) to come up with a “Plan B,” because circumstances have certainly changed and the boat is headed off into different waters.

One of my readers suggested the new voyage could simply turn about in circles and I think that is possible, though less likely with each passing hour.  Look for attempts, especially by Germany and France to “turn things around,” but the winds and currents are not favorable for this, at least not yet.

A decision will have to be made to try to continue with the old “plan” (whatever that is exactly) or change course and follow the Greek lead into a new direction.  Other Nations/tribes/Peoples may also be facing similar choices – “now” and that may also be connected to yesterday’s Body Card, which seemed to signal a return to local concerns, especially those concerning material well-being.

I heard an Irish “expert” asked ask during a news interview last night about what Ireland could do about the situation in Greece or even a possibly currency failure and he said,

not very much,  just look after ourselves first”

I suspect this is very much going to be the mantra for many people (and not a few communities and nations) over the next few days, possibly months. 

There may be some other large, macro-decisions that have to be made today (the cards are often about more than just one thing, an energy rather than a specific act) I’m getting a sense about Asia for some reason, especially Japan and also perhaps the floods in Thailand, but this is fuzzier to me that then the EU/Greek Decision.  This could be simply because I live on the European/North American side of the world and tend to visualize that map when pulling cards, it could also be that those decisions are less urgent, instead of “Now” they may be more like “Soon.”

As individuals anywhere, these two cards (taken with the other cards this week) indicate a continued good time to take care of personal and family issues; being sure to be as prepared as possible for any financial or social disruptions as personal circumstances will allow. 

During uncertain times, it can often help to take care of the decisions (and puzzles) that we can control, because they make the ones we can’t easier to live with.

The Puzzle Card is specifically the card for personal puzzles that you alone can solve (in a personal reading), choices that must be made but that can then be ticked off and moved on from ( and into the forest on the card). 

The Now card says that NOW is THE TIME, for taking care of your own inner and outer Puzzles as you may; observe what choices the outer world makes, evaluate the most likely personal effects on you; your family, friends and community and go on from there.

And remember all the Harvest images on the Now card, a good harvest makes for an easier and more comfortable Winter – that is true in both the spiritual and the physical realms, so don’t neglect one for the other.

That is your card(s) of the Day!

Remember you can get your cards today or any day by having a personal reading.

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