Card of the Day – Tuesday Nov 1, 2011

Today’s card is the Body, and it suggests that yesterday’s voyage card may signal shift to individual concerns about the material world and health; as opposed to over-all macro events. 

I’m also getting a gut feeling that this card signifies a growing understanding on the part of Westerners just how the current world situation is affecting them personally “in their own bodies,” not that many people didn’t know that already (especially if directly affected by unemployment or the increasing costs of living) but now the ship’s crew are finally realizing that the course changes are directly affecting their personal destinations.  When this happens to societies on a grand scale, all sorts of thing can happen from inward-directed despair to out-ward focused civil unrest.

I’m getting a clear sense that some of this is what led to the abrupt decision of the Prime Minister of Greece to hold a public vote on the Greek EU “bailout” which would see more “austerity” in Greece than the public may be willing to put up with.

However, it is more than just one place and one issue; this sense of “how do things affect me and mine” or “the possible threat to me and my body” is likely to go viral in the next few days (or weeks) as one of the primary theme of the new seasonal “Voyage.”

The Body is also a card of action and blockages, the figure on the card is ready to step forward, but also ready to stand his ground with his hand raised as if to say “stop and go no further.” 

Finally, it is also a card of things moving below the surface, as the veins and blood vessels are gradually exposed beneath the skin; we start to see what is happening in both the interior and exterior of our lives (and world events).

Today is also a day when news stories about health, the body, illness and wellness may be highlighted in the news.  A good day for the public release of information about a major scientific break through in the health field, a good day to be researcher in this area. 

But over all, I think this cards indicates an energy shift on the part of many people from an outward focus on world/national issues; to more local ones, especially ones of personal and family survival.  Issues close to “The Body” such a food, clothing and shelter will be the direct concerns of a growing number of people, leaving the distractions of the mass media to have less effect (in either direction) on their daily thoughts and concerns. 

Not that the attempts by the mass media to distract us are likely to go away, just that their impact will be less viable than ever as people look out for themselves and are paying less attention to such messages, than they might have in the past.

More cards are needed to get a clearer picture of the current energy shifting that I sense is going on this week.  Once again the energies are trying for some balance here and I won’t be surprised to see some entirely new cards in the coming days (there are 40 cards in this deck, it is simply repeating energies that keep bringing us the same ones over and over). 

Meanwhile, on a personal level, this card makes for a good day for individuals to focus on their own health and well-being in positive ways.  A good day for physical exercise, making a doctor’s appointment, rotating your food supplies and cooking a healthy dinner.  Also a good day for active “play” and sports, either professionally or directly for personal pleasure and exercise. 

That’s your card of the day, remember you can get your cards of the day, today or any day by ordering a reading.

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