Card of the Day, Monday October 31, 2011

Today’s card is the Voyage, and is in general a very good card for today, the more so because it is Samhain or the traditional Celtic New Year.  I wrote about this some for the past weekend’s reading; and this card suggests that those energies that were dancing during the last few days are getting ready to move on towards their intended goals.   I don’t think this means these energies have completely  gone away, only that rather than being stagnant, they are now heading off in new and interesting directions. 

This would be a perfect time for cosmic upheavals or mass consciousness experiments aimed at re-directing the current world-energy path.  While the first can happen with little input from humanity (earthquakes, floods, comets, volcanoes etc) the second is perfectly primed for some human intervention.  The question is simply do enough people have the will and “right” intentions to direct their energies in this fashion and really produce some wanted changes? 

Of course such experiments are not without their own perils given the “laws” of “unintended consequences,” so being “careful what you ask for” is also a good idea at this time.  This is true on a private and personal level as well as a world-wide one; the energy today is full of possibilities and forging new paths, the reader will want to consider careful what he or she wishes that new path to be.

In the Celtic Lands, this was also a traditional time for divination and far-seeing; so it is even more interesting that Today’s Card is showing a shift into possible new directions.  That makes the near future energies both exciting but harder to predict, because while they may swing back and repeat the older patterns, the signs are there that something new is in the offing.

To sum up, today is a good day for big surprises (good and bad) in terms of world events and also a day (week) to expect the unexpected.  Movements, situations, nations etc., that seem totally committed to one course of action may suddenly swing their ships around and head off in another one. 

Look for stories about radical reversals or movement in international as well as local news stories, the feeling I’m getting is of sudden (or urgent) “changes of course” with the ships now heading in a totally (or seemingly totally) different direction.

Paying careful attention to the cards later in the week may give us some clue as to if these course changes are a successful or if the tides simply pull the ships back towards their original goal (s). 

Meanwhile, the individual can use this highly charged and vibrant day’s energies for personal growth, meditation and charting their own personal course for the next year’s seasons.  A good day for divination and dreams, an “active day” rather than a “passive” one; though unusual in that it is also a great day for self-introspection that LEADS to outward growth and path-finding

Finally, a good day for old-fashioned “wish making” provided the “wish” is something you have really thought through and have considered carefully.  Like many true wishes, it may involve some work on your part to manifest (like further education or active courting of a love interest) and sometimes our intentions don’t always work out exactly as planned (or wished for) and this acceptance of the “best course” needs to be included in any such “wishing,” especially of the sort that involves another person.  But an excellent day to put such projects in motion, especially those you have only dreamed about.

Enjoy today and this evening as you will, just don’t forget those treats, least the little “tricksters” come knocking at your door instead….a good reminder for any night, but especially on Halloween night…

That’s your card of the day, remember you can get your cards for today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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