Card of the Day – Weekend Ed – Oct 28 – 30, 2011

Well, this weekend’s cards – Death, Yes and Birth, make me just want to stand up and shout “Happy Halloween!” or Samhain/Samhain as it is called here in Ireland (and in many neo-Pagan traditions as well). 

It is hard to envision a better group of cards to symbolize this Season, when in the most of the Celtic lands (and North America) it is the time of the final harvest, the ending of the light part of the year, the time when darkness quite literally “falls.” 

This is the time of year when the Ancient Celts (and many of their neighbors) marked the totally ending of Summer and the start of the Darker/Winter times ahead.  It was also the period for culling of animals who could not be fed through the long harsh Winters and while much of the meat was put by in storage, there was usually enough eaten fresh to make for great-feasts for both the living and the dead.

In many cultures, the night of October 31 (or the day of Nov 1st) was when the dead were the closest they would ever be to the living.  It was the time period they were most likely to contact them or even walk about and appear before them.  Keeping the Dearly Departed happy, was an important part of these festivals, as well as remembering them with empty place settings at the table and various rituals (later Masses) said for their souls. 

Often the “Wild Hunt” led by a local favorite Deity, Hero or deceased local Ruler (Odin, King Arthur, the grand-father of the current laird of the castle) was said to ride during these nights.  The mounted hosts and red-eared dogs ready to ride down and destroy  all of the living in their path.  It was said that if you saw them, it was best to lay down in the mud and hope they passed you by, as to run was certain death, because nothing mortal could outrun them.  

It was also understood, that Death (or the final ending) was a transition phase between this world and the next, but also this life and re-birth.  It seems likely that the concept of reincarnation was popular in Celtic Belief and even today elderly people where I live in rural Ireland will look at a small child performing a skilled task carefully will say;

“she’s done this before hasn’t she?”

So I think the larger meaning of these cards is seasonal and indicates that this year, this time period is especially important (the ancients saw it as a Season, not just one day).  Not because children (and adults) in many places will get to indulge in dressing as their favorite ghost or super-hero, though that is important; but because this year it really means that the energies of both DEATH and BIRTH are very strong right now. 

I also am getting that image of the wild hunt riding through and destroying that which gets in its way and allowing for the birth of new things to come.  While Highly dangerous and too powerful for the average mortal to ride with; it serves the purpose of cleansing so that renewal can take after-words take place. 

This weekend (and next week/possibly season) are likely to be highly charged, full of darker (not necessarily evil) energies and fast-moving events.  There may be the sweeping of a very great broom or the sounds of hunting horns in the distance and coming closer.  But the Yes Card and the Birth card reminds us that Death is not only a part of life, but is essential to re-birth and going forward. 

Out of darkness light and out of death re-birth; in the short-term wild and dangerous energies, but in the long run the hope of Spring and life returning.

That is your rather “cosmic” set of cards for the weekend, as always individuals can use or celebrate this energy in ways that are fruitful and useful in their own lives.  Enjoy the actual holiday in what ever form you celebrate it;  be it Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, All Soul’s Night or even costume party. 

However, also be aware that very powerful and strong energies are at play this weekend and I fell them going into next week as well.  Have fun, but keep a prudent watch on things; there are reasons the Celts held most of their Samhain parties indoors, with only the wildest of the young men brave enough to go about (and rumored sometimes to join the hunt with masks and horses of their own).  Travelers caught without shelter on the night were often never seen again, and their fate either of from the Wild Hunt or the magical opening of the fairy mounds was never certain. 

Take care and have a great holiday season this weekend…and remember that many of the same rituals and beliefs celebrated during this time of year by the Celts were practiced by the Germans and Northern Folks around Yule Tide.  This is a Seasonal Energy and some of it lasts as long as three to four months. 

I am also sensing that THIS YEAR, even those in the Southland (where the Seasons are reversed) will also be touched by these energies, during the time period.  Not as strongly as where they match the actual daylight and seasons, but affected none the less.

Going to be an “Interesting” Fall/Winter (or Spring/Summer) I suspect…

That’s your cards for the weekend, remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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