Card of the Day-Thursday Oct 27, 2011

Today’s major card is The Sun with The Liar card as a qualifier, previously I had pulled the card No, which alone is difficult to read and wanted more information.  So I shuffled the cards a second time and go the Sun first with The Liar Card following (I really felt I should look at the second card).

So, the Sun itself is usually a very positive card and it signals light, understanding, harmony, day time and harvest.  The only real down-sides of this card can be over-confidence and an inflated ego; again not always bad things in themselves, but it can lead to problems.  While most the time we want to “always look on the bright side of life,” there are times when we need to look beneath the surface and I feel that with the No card, combined with the Sun and the Liar, this is likely the case here.

Still, news today will probably be a lot more upbeat than it has been in recent days and some of it may even be verifiable good news.  I’m sensing the possible breakthrough in some scientific or medical field today, perhaps something to do with space as well.  These will be “honest distractions” in that they are real news, and good to hear; look for them to be repeated endlessly (if they happen) because I suspect the main stream media will be looking for cheerful stories of all sorts.  Expect  the EU “solution” to be repeated endlessly as a headline, without much detail on the fine print.

That’s because once again we have our friend the Liar Card, still doing his dance, though this time more in the shadows.  His energy may be slightly dimmed, but he is still there.  He is not hoping the “Sun” will blind our eyes and keep us focused in directions away from the curtain he is hiding.  He knows his acts are getting old and that the energy is shifting, so the best thing he can do is put a new show on offer, this time with bright lights and fancy dancing-girls (see happy, dancing people on the card).  If people can just be convinced that “everything is happy!” than perhaps they will stop evening looking for the curtain.

Again, this in no way cancels out the fact that some of today’s news is going to be truly positive, but the Liar card suggests that some of it will be spin (and even with good news, may be USED as a continue part of the Liar’s road show).

Meanwhile, the Sun indicates an attempt by the energies to re-balance again (as they always do) the Sun trying to actually bring understanding and revealing light to what is going on in the day-side of the world.  Sadly the No Card and The Liar Card suggest that the light is being deflected or dimmed from where it is needed most.

My gut tells me this is still largely part of the EU morass, though it may be larger than that, but given yesterday’s Cards I say it may be the main focus.

Meanwhile, as always, individuals can focus on the open, loving and fun energy of the Sun itself and force the Liar even further into the back ground.  Don’t ignore the Joker completely or he can come back to bite, but give him his due in the form of harmless jokes and comedic theater (which have him birth) rather than actual destructive talk or serious drama.  Remember, without humor/trickster energy; mankind has little change.  Many great human stories have the Trickster figure (Loki, Coyote etc) bringing gifts to mankind, often stolen from greedier gods and powers. 

This is the “Positive” side of the Liar/Joker card; essentially divine deception on behalf of a greater good.  It can be a dangerous pathway for the human soul, because very often the Trickster finds that he is the one trapped in his own laughing net of lies, half-truths and showmanship.  However, life (and theater) would be very boring and grim without the salt of his wit and antics to distract us when distraction is needful.

This Trickster (as opposed to Liar) aspect of the card, along with the joy of Sunlight are what individuals can call into their lives today and help transform some of the negative energy that is in the air.

A good day for walks outside, finishing up tasks, studying for examinations (but no cheating) and perhaps talking  your way out of a dicey situation at home or work. 

Hopefully, the Sun cards shows a shift back towards revelation and away from secrecy in both public and private events.

Tomorrow’s weekend reading of at least three cards, should be interesting!

That’s the card(s) for today, remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a reading.

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