Card of the Day, Wednesday October 26, 2011

Today’s cards fell out of the deck, the same way they did yesterday only this time the  Birth card was solidly on top.  These cards, Birth and Union indicate another energy swing away from Death and Destruction, though what exactly is being born is unclear.

My gut sense tells me these cards indicate a “birth” of something related to the European Union will be a major story today.  Either the EU is going to come up with some grand plan to try to reinvent itself and/or it will be forced to be “re-born” as something else because it falls apart when no decisions can be made. 

Again, it doesn’t take cards or a psychic to really make this prediction, a glance at the headlines will do, but having the cards bring it up in such an obvious way over the last few days means it is something very important, if not the most important issue affect world/western world energies today.

Once again, these cards can also relate to stories about children, marriage, partnerships and even romance.  This past weekend’s cards about children/fertility and sexuality may be involved in this story.  Then I felt the direct energy was about both the EU and the ongoing disaster in Japan and the effects on both mothers and children.  I won’t be surprised if more of these stories come out today as well, though again I’m mostly drawn the card of “Birth” as something new (or seeming to be new) in an EU/Symbolic context (with the word Union being pretty obvious) rather than actual babies this time.

Now on a personal level, these cards are two fantastic energies that can be used towards anything from the physical and loving creation of new human beings, to the birth of new projects and partnerships.

Going to be interesting to see how the cards progress over the rest of the week, once again it looks like two very different types of energy battling it out (birth and destruction, union and death) along with a healthy dose of falsehood and distortion, making the waters even murkier and more difficult to get to the bottom of. 

At least today’s energies have very positive potential benefits, depending on how those in charge, CHOOSE to use them and/or which stream of the Union card they decide to dam or allow to flow.

Those are you cards for today, remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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