Card of the Day – Tuesday October 25, 2011

Well, today’s cards are a little different, for one thing they all “fell out of the deck” with The Liar on top with the other two on the sides.  Though I normally only read one card (or at most two) on weekdays, I’ve learned to let the cards lead the way and today they want to give out three.

We’re having bad storms here in Ireland, so let me sum up what I think these portend and try to get them up before the Internet goes out again.  Obviously this is an important reading and want to get it out there as soon as possible, I may do an update later if events warrant it and I can get on-line.

Anyway, The Liar card we have seen quite a few times in the last weeks and once again it symbolizes falsehood, someone mis-representing something, out-right lying and distractions.  The Joker dances with his mask of humor all the while smirking at how stupid he things we are, not yet realizing his mask has slipped.  Meanwhile, he keeps just dancing harder, trying to distract from what is behind the curtain, the real issues that he is trying to keep the viewer from noticing.  That is where what is really important is being hidden.

As in the last few times he has shown up, I’m getting the impression that his distraction dance is getting more frantic and the little doll in his hand, just gets creepier every time I view this card.  I put this card larger because I feel this attempt at miss-direction is the over-all energy of the day and in a major way, a bounce back and response to revelations that started two weeks ago.

The second (and smaller) card is Peace, now this card has seldom (if ever) showed up yet in these readings, but normally it is a very good card.  The lovely stained glass windows, the sun streaming through; this card is usually delightful rest between labors and spiritual growth.  It does however, have the negative side of stagnation and stasis.  Total Peace, is only found in the grave and yesterday’s Death Card, makes me wonder about this card’s placement in today’s reading. 

My gut also tells me that something about today’s cards strongly suggests that “peace” will be “lied about” in some way.  Either that some problem or war will be hailed as over, but it will be a lie; the news about the withdrawal from Iraq is already “out there” as is the “victory” in Libya, so these are not new things, but they may be played up today as distractions from the real issues.  There may also be other stories in the news about things “being at peace,” when the are actually not and/or they may be peaceful but devoid of life and any meaning they may have had in the past. 

The final card is “Yes” it is also smaller because I felt that it was also a qualifying card for the Liar, but in this case I think it is saying “yes” there is a Big Lie going on out there and Yes, Peace is going to be affected.  That could also mean that an attempted peace or treaty may be endangered by a lie, or built on a lie – here once again I am feeling a tug towards the EU situation and the Euro/world finance situation but since I live here that is on my mind a lot these days. 

So, this could indicate a nod in that direction as well, as well as finally mentioning the Church on the Peace Card.  There may be more revelations coming out concerning the Vatican/State Church today on the topics of banking/finance and/or children/children’s issues.  In both cases, lies are being cooked up, and the State of Italy is probably deep in there as well.

Still for individuals today need not be a nasty or totally bad day; the outside energies may be grim, bu the peace and yes cards can be played up in our personal lives in order to defeat the Liar where he stands.  By making them the larger cards, you say yes to peace and light in your own life and allow them to help you take your eyes off The Liar’s distractions. 

As always, on days when the Liar is in play, avoid making business or serious contracts today.  If you can’t avoid them, make sure to read the fine print in great detail and trust your gut, if something does not feel right then avoid it,  or at least ask to think on it over night.

Use the Peace Card as an image during meditation, but pay attention to the news for hints of what is behind the curtain.  Notice what the media is NOT talking about because hints of what you need to know for personal safety may be there.  Use the Yes card, to give yourself permission to do the things you know in your heart are correct and you can avoid a lot of the grief stored up in today’s energy, re-direction I think is the key for individuals today. 

May you have a peaceful and quiet day today!

That’s your cards for today, remember you can get your cards today or any day by having a personal reading.

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