Card of the Day – Monday October 24, 2011

Todays late edition, Card of the Day is Death; not exactly a cheerful card for a Monday evening (in Ireland) but perhaps a bit less unsettling than it could be given this is the week before Halloween next Monday night.

However, given the cards of the previous couple of weeks, I can’t say it is exactly a good card either; rather a card that heralds the energy of endings and stoppages.  It is likely that today (and this week) some things that have been hanging onto threads for a while, may finally see their ending dates arrive.  My sense is that some of this may be EU related, though I’m loath to actually predict a total end of the mess, rather it is more likely that some particular “plans” may be ended with more put in their place.  The energy is correct for something much worse to happen, but I never underestimate those in the KNOW (especially in finance and politics) to manage to drag things out even further.

Still, I expect even more news on this front that we have already, the Vatican/State Church/Banking/EU connections appear to have been coming out today with the headlines about the Vatican endorsing a “World Bank” of some sort of the other.  How seriously they are, or how deeply involved they really are; is anyone guess but if I were a Thriller Writer I’d be getting my outline out for the next novel before it was too late.

Meanwhile, this is also a week to expect other headlines about Death in addition to the usual rehash of Zombies, Ghosts and Things that go Bump in the Night that one expects this time of year.

It is likely that even more shocking details will come out about the Death of Libya’s ex-leader (more distractions for the public) and the death another public figure or two this week would not surprise me.  These , even if totally unrelated to anything more serious than accident or old-age are likely to be played to the hilt in further attempts towards diverting public opinion from the real issues of the day.

Given the cards of this past weekend, stories about death, disease, infertility and children are also likely to be in the news.  Once again, I get both a sense of Motherhood and the disasters in Japan and the BP oil spill; I think the situations in Spain (and possibly a related story that  might come out of Italy) are also involved.  The cards seldom only mean one thing, and something like Death (especially this time of year) is likely to be multilevel and a difficult to pin down.

For individuals, this card signifies a good day to end things that have been working and to turn thoughts towards inward types of activities.  It should be a very good day for meditation and trance workings of all sorts and of course a great day to work on your Halloween costume for the weekend.

Hopefully tomorrow’s card will be pulled in a few more hours, and we can see if the energies have shifted again or if they simply setting in for the week.  I actually changed physical card decks today (I have several copies of the Psy Card deck) just in case the old deck was starting to “stick” physically in some places (can happen over time) but despite a great deal of shuffling, this card still came up which tells me the energies for this week are strong indeed.

So, until tomorrow morning, that is your card of the day (or evening if you are in Europe), remember you can get your cards for today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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