Card of the Day – Thursday Oct 20, 2011

Today’s card is Work, and you can see from the gears and cogs that most of the time this card represents regular, good old-fashioned daily toil and jobs.  While mostly about career, this card can (less often) stand for spiritual (or mental) work; and individuals are always free to use this energy in that fashion.

However, my gut is telling me that in a world-wide reading, this card pretty much is talking about jobs (as in the work we do to support ourselves in the material world) being one of the big issues of the day.  That makes perfect sense given both the week’s previous cards and the obvious fact that thousands are being laid off in both Europe and North America.  While that trend has been going on for sometime now, today’s card suggest there will be a concentration of energy on this issue.

I expect the strike in Greece is part of what I’m picking up (since I live in the EU and I’m closer to it) and the riots yesterday were as much about jobs and people supporting themselves (or not being able to do so) as it was about taxes.  One of the proposals passed last night will lay off 30,000 people as a “temporary” measure, and of course all those people (and their families) are going to have that issue huge in their minds this morning.

Look for stories in the news that concern work, jobs, careers and even pensions to be a theme today.  Some of the stories will probably be distractions and some will be more honest, but it is likely to be a unifying theme of sorts.

It is also, not impossible, that the previous cards of Destruction and The Cave, relate to the jobs issue as well as to the situations in Italy/Catholic Church/Bank of America/Finance fact the last two issues will almost certainly have a knock down effect on jobs and industry.  If the world economy continues to jerk and falter, mundane work becomes even more fragile as funds to operate business and shipping shuts down.

On an individual basis though, this card can be a very good one – if you have a job, you may find your day going more smoothly than usual; work is in “the air” so to speak, even chores may be less of a burden; a good day for house cleaning.

If you are without a job and want one, this is a good personal energy day for working on the job hunt either actively or passively.  Even if the world energy pattern is “gloomy” your personal one doesn’t have to be; use the energy to direct things forward in your life. 

Meanwhile look for useful “work” that may not be what modern society claims it is, if you can’t go to the office or factory; plan next year’s garden or make a bookshelf.  That may sound like “feel-good” advice but it isn’t, for thousands of years most people were small, self-employed farmers who day was splint into many such self-directed tasks. 

To be honest, there is also the counter energy today for individuals that layoffs or cuts in hours could be “on the cards” so to speak on a day like today.  Hopefully that won’t happen to any of my readers, but if it does remember as always: it isn’t just you, it is also the energy of the day.  Something like mass layoffs at a company is usually planned weeks or days in advance, this energy simply might tip those higher up to go ahead with such plans today rather than tomorrow.  In any-case you, dear reader, are not at fault as this is a world-wide trend, not just a personal one.

So a good day to go out and get some “work” done, no matter what work you need to do; from repairing airplanes to un-clogging the kitchen sink, this is a good day for it.  Meditations may be easier if “active” or “task oriented” with a repeated activity (mine favorite is using a spinning wheel).  This is also a good day for “inner-work” and self-evaluation, making lists of goals and looking for ways to achieve them.  Digging in the garden is also a perfect way to spend the day, even if that just means putting it to bed for the Winter.

That is your card for today, Remember you can get your card for today or any day by getting a reading!

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