Card of the Day – Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today’s card is once again, The Cave; and I will start by saying that there are 40 cards in total in this deck and I am shuffling them very well.  This card actually FELL OUT of the deck and when that happens it usually means this is the correct card, with an even stronger energy than usual.

For New-comers to this blog, the Cave card is both the card of retreat from battle and the depression card in this deck.  This card has been showing up quite a bit lately (including just a few days ago) and suggests in a world-wide reading that people are getting frightened, scared and/or had enough of the news/events going on around them and just want to hide for a while.

This can also be the card in a World-Wide (or at least Western World/Europe/North America) reading for actual monetary Depression.  I think this is also an aspect of this card today, I think it may be connected somewhat to yesterday’s Destruction Card, which I felt was very much connected in some way to the Catholic Church, Italy and the EU in general. 

Some of the information leaking out about rumored practices of the Catholic Church in Spain concerning stolen babies, are enough to send most sane people towards want to hide in their caves a bit.  Not being able to watch the documentary (you have to be in the UK to actually play the show whose link I just posted), I can’t say for sure how strong the accusations actually are; but even so just the thought of things like this happen will sicken most people.  Again, the urge to “hide” and even “ignore” unwanted information may be strong today. 

There have also been rumors here in Europe that Italy “may be next” after Greece/Spain, when it comes to severe economic problems and of course “Bank of America” was revealed to have “trillions” in weird debt obligations that the US tax payer “may” end up standing for.

Bank of America was originally named The Bank of Italy…just for the record..

So lots of things to want to hide from or get depressed about today and not a really great card in terms of the energy being there (world-wide) to do anything to really resolve the situation either.

There are times when retreat is a very good and very healthy idea; but there’s a difference between taking a “time out” with a hot cup of tea and book or to meditate on a problem and just fleeing from it, diving under the covers and pulling them over your head (hoping the whole issue will just go away).

I’m really getting a strong sense of that second “option” in the reactions of many people, tribes and even nations today.  I hate to tell them this, but I’m sorry, the problem (and the Destruction) started yesterday simply isn’t going away.  The longer those “in the know” who actively can do something about the situation just try to hide it (even from themselves) and “move on,” the deeper, longer and worse; the situation is going to be. 

From the cards, my hunch is that the situation in question includes (but is not limited to) the cascading effects of something happening in Italy/The Vatican/Vatican Bank…Bank of Italy (America), Problems in Italy affecting the EU, the Euro Crises in general, something “hidden” in the middle of the muddle (all those Puzzle Cards about hidden decisions withheld from the public the last month or so). 

Yesterday’s card also hinted at Destruction being a current energy theme as well, so put together there is energy out there that COULD lead to the destruction of any or all of the above.  Including the Secular/State power of the Catholic church (the Church as Institution, not church as worshipers per see), the State of Italy itself, the EU/Euro in general and the Western Financial system as a whole (including the US/North America). 

That does not mean it will ALL be Destroyed, or that even if some of it is that it will all happen in just a few days.  What it does mean is that the ENERGY POTENTIAL for these things to happen is VERY STRONG.

Those who are in positions to avert these crises MUST stop hiding and deal with them face on or dire results are almost certain to be the result.

Now, again for individuals, today’s card can be a great resource; if you know the day’s energy is inward looking, make it your own and make it a positive experience. 

Once again, realize today’s energy is inward directed and not outward directed, so inward sorts of personal activities (like meditation, dinner at home, reading a good book) are going to be easier than outward focused activities (playing sports, entertaining, going to a party).

Which does not mean you have to avoid all outward focused activities, people have to do many of these for their jobs or because of personal commitments.  But just remind yourself if you are feeling like they are a chore rather than a pleasure, it is partly the energy of the day; not the fact that a friend has their wedding reception these evening or your boss has you doing sales calls.

Depression is going to be a real risk factor today, so if there are already issues in your life that make this a problem, today is NOT a good day to dwell on them.  But instead of hiding under the mattress, be kind to yourself in a personal way instead, pets and very close friends or family members can help with this.  Even if the energy of the day is mostly solo, you can share it with someone you really trust and want to be with.

Remember, much of what is going on outside you probably have no control over; so you just have to leave it to the folks that do and grasp control of YOUR OWN FATE, as much as is possible and accept what you can’t change.

That wisdom isn’t new, but it sure seems to fit in situations like these.

That is your (rather long) card of the day, to get your personal cards of the day or any day, order a reading!

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