Card of the Day – Tuesday October 18, 2011

Today’s card is Destruction and in a regular tarot deck would be called the Tower of Destruction.  You can see that echoed here with the tower under assault during the battle.  Both the tower and the Priest in the front of the card appear to be done for, as is the church which is on fire.

While this card is not always bad, after all there are many things in the world that need to be destroyed: hunger, greed, disease and poverty all come to mind; I can’t say that in a world-wide energy reading that it looks particularly good either. 

Especially given the cards of the weekend and then yesterday’s Cave Card, a card that is more than ever looking at a reaction card, sort of “oh no, it is just getting so bad I can’t even look, I’ll just go hide in my cave now.”

Sadly, the universe may now be forcing us to lift up our head a little and peak through our fingers at what is really going on.  I’m getting a very strong drawing towards both the Priest and the Church on this Card, even more than the tower itself.  This makes me wonder if part of the Destruction energy today will center on “The Church,” in particular the stern, militant Church-State of Middle Ages Fame (as opposed to the quiet folk who softly tread in the footsteps and teachings of a certain Carpenter). 

No, the church I’m drawn to in this card would be the step-child of Imperial Rome and seeped in the intrigues of the Borgia family and their modern descendants.  The “Church” that holds the Vatican as a Sovereign, legal State inside the borders of Italy, the “Church” of the Vatican Bank as opposed to that of the Loaves and the Fishes. 

I’m not sure why I am being drawn so strongly to this energy in the card, but I am also noticing that the burning tower is in front of the burning church.  It is almost as if the burning tower has “the church” behind it in some way or is connected to it.

I think there is a strong possibility that this card involved the EU in someway and the Euro in particular.  It may not be that the common currency (or the State arm of the modern Catholic Church) will be literally “destroyed” today, but I think there are some pretty powerful siege engines heading in their direction.

The card shows that the battle is not over, and the outcome is not certain; but obvious the Tower and the Church will have to be rebuilt afterwards, no matter who wins the outcome.  Either that, or they will remain as haunted and empty ruins, of the sort I can see dotting the landscape here in Ireland on just about any road, especially here in the country-side.

As I mentioned in at the start of today’s card, there exists such a thing as Creative Destruction, which any metal worker is familiar with (as are most artists).  Sometimes you have to destroy something in order to save it, rebuilt it or transform it; once in a while you come across a project that needs to be cut off the loom and thrown in the trash.  That sort of destruction is still creative, but it may take thousands of years for the land fill to return to earth and grow the flax that once again is woven into cloth.

I’m not sure what sort of Destruction is going to come out of this card, but my feeling is very strong that some version of it can and will occur; and today is a day when that energy is very strong in the air.

Watch for stories about The Vatican, The EU, The Euro and Italy in particular (Vatican/European/Italian banks especially).  While there is already news coming out of these places, look for it to get even more “interesting” today.

Meanwhile, on a personal level, remember that today is a great day for creative Destruction in your own life.  Use this energy not to destroy your relationships by giving into the anger and fear in the air; instead attack the beasties in your toilet bowl with bleach, nuke the piles of dirty laundry in your basket with laundry soap and “destroy” your opponents on the playing field (either real or on-line); just don’t forget to shake hands afterwards. 

Ritualized forms of battle can (and do help), watch kittens and puppies at play and you can get some pretty good ideas of safe ways to work out this energy.  A kitten may destroy a piece of string, but he seldom actually destroys his sibling (though occasional nicks and bumps do occur during the learning process).

Take care of yourself and loved ones again today, try to hide away from the Destruction as much as possible.  When you can’t, deal with it as needed, but try to avoid direct confrontations.  Because as you can see on the card; most of the time when this happens, no one actually wins. 

Sometimes there is no choice, but most of the time there is, so be careful where you step and what battles you choose to take.  Destruction is likely to happen with you or without you, but it is YOUR choice what you help and what you hinder.

And that, is your rather heavy card for today, there are actually some rather light and fun cards in this deck and hopefully soon they may start showing up. 

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