Card of the Day – Monday October 17, 2011

Quick write-up today because I’m rushing out the door for an appointment, but given the cards this past weekend, I wanted to do a quick card reading first.

Today’s card is The Cave and this card fits with the other cards of this past weekend, only instead of being mostly “active” it is an “inward” card and usually symbolizes depression and with drawing.  This is usually as a reaction to events, either in one’s personal life or the outside world; sometimes in a world-energy reading it can simply be a mass feeling of “retreat” in that so much is going on, the urge to “hide” very strong and people just “want the world to go away.

I feel some of both in this card today, a danger of actual depression (both physical and mental) as well as a natural desire to just get away from it all and for people to take care of themselves. 

The first issue can be dangerous and can result both in personal misery and planetary problems that results in inaction when action is really needed (and I feel some of this is going on).  In a world reading it can also be a card for actual ECONOMIC depression, not that we don’t already know one is going on-but that apathy and the general public mood can now make things either seem worse, or actually be worse.

The second is a positive move and well advised in situations like this, especially as a personal reaction to over-whelming events a quite retreat and meditation from the world can be well advised.  Taking care of yourself and your family first, can change the depression card into a refreshment card.  Giving you and your loved ones a chance to chill out and re-group themselves both mentally and physically for what may be coming next.

A good day for a quiet evening in, gentle mediations, light exercise and comfort foods.  Read a good (but non-scary) book before going to bed and turn off the news if it gets too much or too scary to listen to.  I’m not saying hide under the bed if something local is going on, that would be the dark side of the cave; but when you can’t affect the situation anyway, this card says take care of yourself first and stay safe!

This is your card of the day, remember you can have your cards of today or any day by getting a reading.

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