Card of the Day – Weekend Edition Oct 14-16, 2011

Well, this weekends cards are certainly interesting, to say the least!  The Death Card indicates a final ending of something, termination and/or the quite that comes before a great change.

The Stars Card in this deck is mostly about the making of connections, things coming together to form patterns or pattern’s exposed.  It can also be about reaching out and making connections, a sort of “reaching for the stars,” which goes right into the final card, The Moon.

The Moon, more than any other card in this deck, symbolizes the welling up of things hidden deep within the sea, usually the sea of the unconscious mind.  Though occasionally it can be the actual sea or water that is indicated.  This card, like the Stars is also about dreams (including illusions) though if the Stars are where dreams make sense, The Moon is where they are born and come into being.

In a world-wide energy reading for the weekend, building on the previous cards this likely means that this weekend will see the end (or the beginning of the end anyway) of something that brings about a profound change.  This card can be actual physical death (such as that of an important public figure(s), war or natural disaster) though if this happens; I suspect it will be connected to something else.  The Stars card indicates the “death” card is not a simple Death (change or ending of something) but that it is connected to other things and those connections will start to make sense to people.

The Moon card, can mean that the actual moon may be involved in this situation; but more likely it is a marker that there is yet more information and/or “stuff” pouring out of the hidden depths, reaching towards the very moon (and stars) themselves.

This readings weekend is mixed, because while it continues the energies for revelation (which information is usually a good thing) continues to be revealed is likely to concern (at least partly) with the death/change/ending energy of the first card.

Look for new information to come this weekend on what is going on behind world events, also be on the lookout for bankruptcies, wars and other sorts of “sudden ends,” taking place.

Meanwhile for individuals, these cards are not nearly so grim; a good weekend to get over past mistakes and problems, learn from them and move forward towards reaching out from your dreams.  Let what you bring forth be from the depths of love and the seeds of meaning, a good weekend for great introspection and limited actions.  Be aware that if you feel blocking energies at first, this is normal but things should be flowing more clearly by Sunday.

Speaking of blocks..I started this blog about four hours ago and have been interrupted seriously three times, including for an emergency trip to the nearest town (in mid-sentence) that is exactly the sort of thing the Death card can also signal.  In the end, the blog was written, but I was glad I had saved the draft, because when I got back to my desk the whole program has crashed!

May your computers and your life run more smoothly this weekend than my writing efforts today!

Have a great time and see ya back late on Monday.  I have an early appointment so Monday’s card will either be very early or pretty late in the day.

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