Card of the Day – Thursday Oct 13, 2011

Today’s card is the Libido and in a personal reading this usually signals that someone either has a very strong life force and/or is likely to have a very good time on a date next Saturday night.

In a world-wide energy reading it is a bit trickier, because the symbols on the card hint at things other than the obvious ones of “good sex” (to quote Dr. Ruth) and a healthy imagination (the water fall and bright plumage of the pea cock). 

There is also the snake in the grass and the deep under-currents displayed in the water fall.  The bright peacock catches the eye of the his rival, but keeps him from seeing the rust colored leaves of the coming fall.  The fall, rust colored leaves are very interesting because while many mammals mate in the fall (deer for example), birds usually pair-bond in Spring in order to lay their eggs quickly and raise families during the warmer months. While this card shows two males, the implication of mating and fighting over females (or at least in manly display) is very strong.

The peacock also distracts the his rival from the snake in the grass, which in addition to being a symbol for creative life forces, is also a warning of both temptation and possible death.  If either of them is not careful, their mating dance may be over before it starts; with the snake having had one or both of them for lunch instead. 

The snake is also between the birds and the water-fall of emotions, which anyone who has ever been in love will recognize; that time when what we really know deep down, can be masked by what we are feeling at the moment.  The “temptation” to just “go with it” and “hang the consequences” are powerful in this card.

Sometimes that is a good thing, if couples never let go in the privacy of their own relationships, the patterning of little feet might go silent from the Earth.  But on a word-wide (or at least Western-world scale) giving into the “temptation” to “let loose” could be amazingly destructive if the underlying causes are ignore and avoided. 

I get a strong sense that this card today is both a promise and a warning, this period of time is a “strong one” in terms of emotions, attractions and re-actions (the water, the mating dance and the snake).  Because of that, it is even more important for Peoples, tribes and nations to keep their wits about them and not be distracted by the lovely promise of the peacock’s feathers. 

To every thing there is a season, and Fall is not usually the time for the mating of birds, and I’m sensing a very powerful, if not lustful type of forces trying to come to the surface, perhaps even some out-of-season. 

While media stories celebrating the sexual foibles of the rich, famous and wanna-bes, would not surprise me today, I suspect there is more to this can than that.

This is not necessarily the lusts of sexuality, but also of the unconscious about to “let-go,” with the snake connecting to the “dragon” in the Beast card (both being symbols for “worms” in Northern European folklore). 

This doesn’t have to happen, and hopefully it wont; if the energies of sunlight and exposure continue from last week; then perhaps the pen-hen just out-side of the picture on the card will simply decide to get up and walk away?  Leaving her males to fend for themselves and realize their hidden danger and either flee or flight the snake?

That I think is one of the flags for today: strong emotions can hide hidden dangers, even from ourselves but are especially dangerous in the world at the moment.

For individuals, this can be a great card; the very same symbols that look scary when applied to the current world situation can be seen as powerful forces that drive us onward towards like, health and even romance.  We can choose to recognize the danger, but go on in spite of it; aware that we can be struck but choosing to live our lives anyway.  

We can smell the Spring flowers on the card and walk with the fall leaves in our hair and enjoy them; because for people (unlike birds) there is no real Season for mating.  That is true of both physical and spiritual unions and courting dances.  

This is a good day for romance, running, dancing, good food, fresh air; pretty much anything that connects us with the life-forces themselves.  This is a day of outward energy rather than inward energy.  Another good day for meditations to be “active” such as combining them with walk up the mountain top or an evening practicing the piano.  

However the outer world uses this energy, you can choose to use it to help your life forces flow.  

Finally, if you were thinking of asking that special person for a first date, this is an auspicious day to take a chance and ask…good luck!

That is the card for today, remember you can have your personal cards read today or any day by getting a reading.

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