Card of the Day – Wednesday Oct 12, 2011

It is perhaps no great surprise to readers who have been following this blog, that today’s card is MONEY.  This tells us that indeed, yesterday’s Puzzle card probably was largely about money, as well as the other things that I was picking up. 

Several readers suggested that yesterday’s big decision/choice/puzzle may have still been connected with the EU and the no vote in Slovakia in particular, and I’m certainly not going to dispute that.  I think they hit the nail on the head, though I still suspect there was more than one thing going on.

However, we now know that the “message” and “puzzle” really are centered around Money at least today, and probably on-going during this week as well.

This card also suggests the two sorts of wealth that mankind has become attached to since he first gave up hunting and settled down with plow and crop lands.  The first is the obvious one, the coinage aka MONEY itself.  Forms of money go back pretty far in human history but the oldest forms (recorded in Mesopotamia and Egypt at least) were not coins, but produce.  Before there were coins, there were crops and live stock, both of which are shown on the card, with the farmer plowing his field using his trusty horse for the heavy labor. 

While the earth, on the card, is still barren and rocky (as are the trees) the wealth/money is just there below the surface.  Even if the plow does not find the hidden monetary treasure, it can still produce the older treasure of the fruits of the earth.  In this way the farmer feeds his family and hopefully supports himself as well, the oldest taxes were in grains and livestock; it would be centuries before coins or paper existed at all.

Another interesting thing about this card is that is show the risk aspect of farming (and of money), the farmer goes about plowing having no idea if his rows of dirt will produce a crop of grain or not.  Some years it does and “wealth” is created, other years it doesn’t and “famine” happens instead.  Many years are somewhat in-between, with just enough to get by; but nothing the farmer is going to get rich on either.  Unless, he happens to stumble on that buried treasure with his plow, then if other farmers have a good year he may still eat, even if others  affected do not. 

However, as Monday’s NOW card suggests, this is really more of a time period for reaping than for sowing grain, which tends to bring me imagines more of a barren harvest (like the empty fields on the card) rather than a robust one.  The true source of well remains hidden from view and is likely to stay hidden or return to hiding, during the period.

Having forgotten that the true source of wealth is goods (food especially, clean waters,  also shelter and goods needed for living) empires have fallen before.  When Spain “discovered” the “new” world and looted ancient civilizations for gold, they thought they had true wealth but what they really had; was a lot of pretty, shiny metal.  Overextended and too focused on the metal itself, they over-extended themselves and their empire suffered in terms of the real wealth of food, goods and freedom.  They left a lot of gold-colored buildings in Europe in their wake, but lost most of their empire within just a couple of hundred years.

Any tribe, nation or people who forgets what real wealth really is; is likely to have the same result.  It is pretty obvious that the entire Western World today has a problem with this concept and I instead the focus is on the coins, stocks and “financial instruments” that pass for wealth, instead of the promises of the farmer’s labor. 

Once again, today’s main issue (world-wide) will be money, so look for stories about the Euro, the Dollar, The Yuan and other major currencies.  While I don’t sense an actual stock market crash (today anyway) it may be a place to watch, because the shape of things to come may be there for those with more understanding than I. 

Also, pay attention to stories about the movement of goods, crops and commodities (food, water, fuel) as there may be some “hidden” stories there as well.

As the curtain is pulled back from the distracting “liar,” look for his jumping up and down to get more frantic (and yes, I do feel that a major “story” that actually happened in June is a bit weird to be bringing up now along with travel alerts for US citizens, wasn’t it more dangerous in June than October?)….

Also look for more of the “puzzle” to start making sense…

Again for individuals, money will likely play a major role today, not that it is every very far from most people’s thoughts. 

It is a good day to do financial planning, sorting out your bank balance, planning a budget and even paying off bills.  It would also be a good day to ask for a raise, but also a day when layoffs are likely.  Anything and everything to do with money is an issue today; along with non-monetary forms of wealth such as gardening.

So putting the garden to bed (or planting), canning/freezing/preserving food; even carefully buying what is needed to get through the Winter and the Spring “hunger gap” (in the North) could all be seen as a part of this card.

In the end though, this card also tells us never to give up, even when the ground looks barren and the sky is still gray with cold.  Rather, look at what can be done to help the soil to grow real wealth instead, working towards the goal does not always get the expected results, but it does tend to be a more regular provider,  than just hoping coins will flow up to the surface and make everything all right.

That’s the card of the day, remember you can get your card of the day today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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