Card of the Day – Tuesday October 11, 2011

Today’s card is the Puzzle and it goes very well with yesterday’s Now card, the Puzzle most often represents a decision that must be made and usually by the person being read for.  Since we are reading for world-energies here, I would say that this card (along with several others of the past month) show the World (especially the Western World) now at a point of cross roads or tipping point. 

Since the cards keep repeating this message, I suspect this card is not just for today alone, since major decisions about the future are seldom made all at once.  However, it does indicate when taken with the NOW card that once again a major decision on how to proceed is being taken by the Powers the Be and/or the Planetary Populace, that is going to have a serious impact on the future.

There was already one of these which took place a few weeks ago, I felt strongly then, that it was a decision about the financial situation and maybe the EU.  This time, I think it may be less directed then that, I’m not getting an exact handle on the decision, but this time it really feels more like a Puzzle to be figured out, rather than a decision to stake the world on.

Today just might be a day when a major new discovery is sorted or announced (one that has a great impact on the future) or it could be day when final planning is sorted concerning the older decision; I’m just not sure and it could be some of both.  

However, it is not unlikely that someone-somewhere is facing a major decision likely to impact everyone on the Planet in some way, either directly (because something is chosen/started) or indirectly because something is Puzzled out/invented.  

There is something of a whiff of new technology about the cards today, which could be very positive it taken and used for the greater good.  I don’t think that is all the card is suggesting, but there is that “flavor too it” more exciting and less total doom than the previous time it showed up.  

Not a totally “good” feeling, but not a really depressive one either…

Now, in individual terms; this is a good day to make decisions and you may find yourself forced to make some that you have been putting off.  A lot of things may come to a head and simply demand to be dealt with.

This isn’t just you, it is the energy of the day flowing in that direction; this may be uncomfortable in the short term, but a good thing in the over-all scheme of things.

So be alert and be careful what you choose, because this is The Lady or the Tiger Card, a door you have to open (you can’t avoid it) and you have no idea what is on the other side.

That’s as true for The World right now as it is for the Individual.

That’s your card of the day, remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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