Card of the Day – Monday October 10, 2011

Today’s card is NOW and this is a very good card for a Monday morning, it shows that “Now is the Time” and as you see the man on the card is harvesting the grain that was carefully planted in the Spring.  The sun is shinning and the light enables clear vision and insight.

So, for those who have planted well, they can look forward to an abundant harvest today; starting the week off well and with the expectations of more harvests to come.

But in this harvest month of October, it is also well to remember that what is planted will determine just what is harvested, and in a world-wide energy reading this is especially true.  Given the cards of the last several weeks, I am not certain the world-wide harvest is going to be as welcome as this card may be for individual who have made wise choices this year. 

Instead, it is more likely that the card indicates that now is the time that “what was sowed, is not about to be reaped” and the majority of us may want to try to stay out-of-the-way, as much as possible.  The sunlight is the opposite of the Liar Card; while the Liar wants to hide something, the Sun in the NOW card, tries to expose it. 

In other words, the World Energies are fighting back again, and while they may have been tossed back a bit over the weekend (read here), the over-all pattern seems to be tipping towards results and revelations.  Deceptions and Lies are still being attempted, but NOW it becomes harder for them to shield (or hide) the public from what is really going on. 

Stayed tuned, because this week could prove a “harvest” of surprises, both world-wide and in the individual experience as well.

Again, for individuals this can be a wonderful card!  Both material and spiritual harvests are connected with this card and those who planted with love and cared for their crops, have little to fear from this card (at least not on a personal level). 

But those whose seeds have been darker and planted with hate or greed, may have some valid concerns right now. 

Hopefully that does not include any of my readers, and we will all have an interesting and enjoyable week at home, watching world events with a nice cup of tea and our favorite comfort foods. 

Popcorn anyone?

That is the Card of the Day, remember you can get your personal cards of the day, today or any day by ordering a reading.

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