Card of the Day – Weekend Edition-Oct 7-10, 2011

Well, I  myself would be “the Liar” if I said the cards for this weekend looked really good.  In fact, this is the second spread I did this morning, the first time I forgot to read for three days and the cards were somewhat negative just for today (starting with The Message Card and followed by The Warrior which can indicated defense, a strong male figure or even a possible symbol for war).

When I re-cast for the weekend, I got a second “message” that seems to indicate that once again the Liar is trying desperately to hold on to his dance in front of the curtain and keep hidden that which has started to come to light during the last week.  Yesterday’s Stars Card, which suggested connections being made and information coming to light is being stopped on again (or at least an attempt is being made to stomp on it). 

In a World-Wide reading, my guess is that the Liar is a certain segment of the “powers that be” that are really running scared that the general public is catching on to what is happening.

The second card is Work, and the Work card in this deck generally means exactly what it says: real, physical, mundane jobs or work.  It can be spiritual work, but most of the time it means something with career, jobs or material support.  With the Liar card right beside it, I don’t think it takes a big leap to suggest that the Liar may be Lying about the job/work/support situation in the Western World.  Since usually I view the globe when I do my morning with the face of North American and Europe showing, my feeling is the strongest lies are being told in these places.

Then, the card for Fortune is next to Work and the Liar.  Now the Fortune card is usually a very good card, showing a man going up the stair case holding his lantern in his hand to light his way.  The stair case goes round and round, but at the top is a chest of treasure, if he keeps going to the end to claim it.

However, given the other two cards, my sense is more that there is a threat (or a Lie) about Fortune that is going on right now.  Perhaps the “lie” is that “Fortunes are safe” or that “both work and wealth are in safe hands.”

One thing about the fortune card is, like the fortunes of life itself; it is tricky, with the stair case going in a circle, so sometimes it can feel like you are going backwards, even when you are going forward.

My gut feeling is that last week, the general public once again began to really understand just how bad things were on the macro-economic front and those trying to keep a “lid” on the situation are going to respond with a massive effort to try to convince people that their jobs and fortunes are not really directly effected (or at least not badly affected). 

I suspect the Liar’s dance and comedy skit is getting a bit old at this point (this is about the fifth time he has come up in the last few weeks, almost always in the same position) and the audience may be about to start throwing tomatoes in his general direction.

Next week’s cards may show if his dance will continue on for a while or if he will flee back behind the curtain taking his hat and miss-matched clothing with him or stay around awhile and hope his mask doesn’t fall off in public.

Meanwhile, as always, for individuals these cards may not be nearly as dire as they seem for an over-all energy reading.  Yes, the basic energy for the weekend is a bit “off,” once again it is not a great weekend to buy a used car (or card).  If you do have to make a major purchase or life decision, make sure you read every line of the contract and understand every aspect of what you’re getting into.  Don’t be deceived by things that look too good to be true because they probably are.

This could be a good weekend to concentrate on job/life/spiritual tools and skills, you can use the work card to your advantage in this way.  Just beware of delusion from unexpected quarters and you should be fine.  The same with the Fortune card, in fact you can even look at Fortune as “Sunday’s Card” and personally claim it as a day to concentrate on the good aspects of wealth and prosperity.  Anything from making and enjoying a Sunday dinner at home, to going out to carefully hunt for needed items that are sale at the store.  It would also not be a bad time to budget and plan your family finances, again just being careful not to fool yourself but keeping honesty in the forefront.

Remember that being for-warned is forearmed, you are not helpless and can make these cards work for you. Take care and have a great weekend!

Those are the cards for the weekend, remember you can get your personal card reading done by ordering a reading.

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