Card of the Day – Thursday-October 6, 2011

Today’s card is The Stars, a card which in this deck indicates that pretty soon patterns are going to start emerging from the previous weeks energies and things will all start making sense, at least for those wise enough to look up and see the constellations.  

On this card you can see the lines between the stars and of course the stars are always there around us and above us every night.  However it takes an active imagination (and human intellect) to put them together into pictures and stories, which is something that only happens when people take the time to look up and the sky is clear.

I think for the past few weeks, the cards have been showing a much murkier sky, one clouded and miss-directed; sometimes by intention, sometimes just by the over-all confusion of the current world situation.

Today, since I was late in reading today, I specifically asked if there was any information on which way the energies would be breaking once the trap was released, and this card came up.  Which suggests that part of what is quickly coming out may be real information of what the Liar Card has been hiding behind the curtain.

I suspect that this information has (and will) be coming out in bits and pieces, which is why it may take a keen and inspired minds to put it all together in a usable and understandable way.  Once these connections are made, I think the results will be magical, like looking up at a pile of diverse stars and suddenly seeing the shape of the Big Dipper or Great Bear in the sky. 

At least for those willing to look up and view the new shapes and designs, this information should be a great help for folks trying to figure out what to do next.

I’m reading today’s card both on a world-wide energy basis and a personal one for a change.  I think the results have the potential to be similar on both the macro and micro scales of events.  In fact, I think these patterns are exactly the same ones the Scales card was weighing out just a few days ago, only now that they are settling down to one side; their measure may be easier to take.

On a personal level,  lot of things may just suddenly start making sense today, when they were just confusing before.  A good day to sort through your junk drawer or work on a frustrating jig saw puzzle.  Today is likely to “flow” a great deal easier than the last few days; as the fog is lifted from the sky and the stars are now starting to bring a few twinkles of light onto the world. 

That is the rather late, Card of the Day, remember you can get your cards today or any day by ordering a reading.

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