Card of the Day – Wednesday – Oct 5, 2011

Well, yesterday I was hoping today’s card would provide some direction for yesterday’s Scales card, and sadly it looks like the Scales are tipping in the direction of a trap or imprisoned energies/people/nations/economics/situation etc.  

That doesn’t mean that everything in the world is trapped but it does suggest an energy pattern caught in a loop that keeps building on itself.  It shows now signs of “Liberation” or breaking free from the current spiral, at least not for the next few days.

Given the cards of the past two weeks, I’m guessing that the current patterns of deception, disruption and especially planetary health; will continue to be major concerns for the next week or so. 

That ship whose course was set last month, now seems to be sailing in circles and the crew may be nervous but still not sure what direction to steer. 

No energy (especially world energy) stays static forever, but it can get stuck for a few days or weeks and I think that is what is happening now.

As we have seen before, even breaking energy is not always “good” energy; at least not in a traditional sense.  A stock market crash can be a “breaking” energy and so can a declaration of war; neither of which is usually happy news. 

On the other hand, being stuck in a situation brings problems of its own, patterns just keep getting repeated.  I’m also thinking of the number of times the Wheel Card has shown up in terms of historical cycles in the last two months.

I think the Prison Card today, may also reflect that “trapped in a historical cycle” energy that showed up several times last month.

For the individual, today is a day to be nice to yourself and remember if you feel trapped, lonely or stuck; it isn’t just you it is the over-all energy of the day.  In addition to keep this in mind, you can also do things that personal “free” you; by listening to music, taking walks on the beach or even a hot bath.  Interacting with loved ones can also help “free the prisoner” inside, because once you have company, the jail cell can be transformed from a nasty cage to a comfortable and secure space filled with those close to us.

If you look closely at the card, the bars of the cage are really large enough for the prisoner to walk out of; but they are so depressed they can’t lift their head to see it or the sun shine behind them.

This would be a good time for both individuals, and the world at large, to start looking up instead of down; that isn’t always easy, but it may be the only way out of jail.

Well, that’s the card of the Day and remember you can get your personal cards for today or any day by: Getting a Reading!

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