Card of the Day-Tuesday-Oct 4, 2011

Today’s card is The Scales, and this card indicates that a major decision or action is being “weighed in the balance” and that a “tipping point” has (or is about to be) reached.  

For a world-wide reading, it tells us that something that has been building is coming to a head and that soon the falling apples are going to tip the scales one direction or the other.

At this point, it is probably too late for individuals to do much about this situation as the “fruit” has already ripened, it just remains to see where it will fall.

My gut tells me this card is in reference to the issues shown in the cards over the last several weeks.  That the decision made behind the scenes several weeks ago, the one that several times was deliberately hidden, distorted and distracted from; is really coming into play today (and over the following week). 

Several of the cards have hinted at problems with both the EU and North American Monetary systems as well as the general “health” of the planet as a whole. 

I think this whole “mess” is now tottering on the brink of “tipping over” into the greater public awareness, a process which has been on-going for a while but likely to suddenly rush in and become stronger over the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, for the individual, this is a good day to sit down and sort through various decisions that have to be made.  To look at all sides of a situation and not be too hasty when coming to a solid conclusion.  Make sure to “balance out” all of the aspects and remember to look at both what is in the “basket” and what has already fallen onto the ground; before going forward.

Over-all a rather good day for the individual to wrap up last month and move into the new one.  Also, this marks the real passing of the seasons from Summer to Fall (or Winter to Spring) which may have already happened by the calendar, but tends to start to really sink in around this time.

Enjoy the falling leaves (or Spring flowers) and remember that the Earth itself is a great balancers and that all energies tip over time. 

*Today’s reading is very late and shorter than usual due to computer problems earlier in the day which are now solved. 

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