Card of the Day – Monday, October 3, 2011

Today’s card continues to be The Body, which was the central card of the weekend reading.  This tells us that the major over-riding energy of the Earth right now has not changed, in fact it is continuing and is still very strong.  Most of the time it is usual to keep pulling the same card (s) several days running but when it does happen, it tends to mean the energies are stuck or fixated on one or two very strong issues.

I think what is going on at this time, is that there are major issues both with the heath of the Planet as a whole (you can read what I said about this over the weekend by clicking on the weekend blog here) and the high probability there may be health problems for large groups of people as well.

My gut is telling me that a more serious look needs to be taken of the Fukushima meltdowns and the BP oil spill and their current/future impacts on human and planetary well-being.

There is also a stronger likelihood of disease outbreaks or other illness stories in the news today, anything involving the human body and the material work is likely to be affected.

Since this is an ongoing energy, the problems are also likely to be ongoing and that is why I think my inner-voice is focusing on some of the still active situations that have faded into the news background, but have failed to go away.

Even topics such as famines and food shortages could be indicated by this card, because food and water are some of the most basic things we need in order to stay healthy and survive.

Some people (including myself) have always found this particular card a bit creepy because it exposes a human body and shows us some of the veins and organs beneath the skin.  However, I think the card designer was trying to show that the body is not just what we see on the surface, but also what is happening “underneath the skin” so to speak.  This is as true of Mother Earth as it is any individual person, and again I’m feeling that sort of “hidden/underground” pull with this card today.  So there may be some volcano/earthquake news today as well, perhaps not yet active but something brewing beneath the surface?

As a side note for the weekend’s cards, I do feel that The Beast card in Friday’s reading, was at least partly expressed in the break out of rioting in the US over the weekend.  While small by international standards, the very fact that there were expanding and spreading riots in the US would tend to indicate anger and rage (the Beast) coming out from behind the door (behind the curtain?) and starting to snarl and lash out at whoever and whomever may be in his way.

The fact that the Body card was centered with the Beast in the near future position of the weekend cards suggests to me that this energy may also be continuing.  What that means is that people (humankind/bodies) may be reacting to the current forces by becoming angry and acting out.  Not every one of course, but the energy potentials are there and some of them are being expressed.

On a personal level, today’s card just indicates a good day to pay attention to matters of personal health (including eating well and exercising), taking time for fresh air if you can and perhaps playing games or sports (even if it is just hop scotch with your seven-year old).

This is not the best day for deep inner work or deep spiritual experiences (which doesn’t mean they won’t happen, just means they are not as likely); but is a good idea for active types of concentration such as spinning yarn, running or other forms of active work/play/exercise that put you “the zone” that allows a sort of “active-meditation”.

It will be interesting to see if tomorrow the energies have shifted again and if so what direction “The Body” (of the Earth) is going; nothing stays static though energies can get stuck for a short while.  So stay tuned…

But for now, that is The Card for Today,

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