Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Sept30-Oct2,2011

Welcome to Card of the Day – Weekend Edition, when again we do a three card spread for the next several days.  This weekend’s cards are: The Wheel, The Body and The Beast; and I don’t think I am the only one who will find this combination of cards just a bit disturbing.

The first card is the Wheel of Change/Karma/Fate and in the context of the Earth – also historical cycles.  We’ve seen this come up before when something appeared to be very crucial, important or a cycle about to be repeated. 

Here is it next to The Body Card, which can indicate both health (or illness) and the Material World (aka where our bodies live).  This suggests an important issue is about to come up either in the “health” of the planet itself or the people on it (or both). 

The Beast, is one of the few cards in this deck that has almost no good aspects (except for things like justified rage or anger concerning injustice or harm to the innocent).  It symbolizes the dark, usually hidden and wild emotions that everyone carries inside, but as adults we learn to restrict and contain, in order to live in harmony with other people.

Which is not to say that adults should never express or acknowledge these feelings, there are times when the more “childish” activities of crying, screaming, foot stomping and even jealousy are perfectly appropriate.  But when they are let out of control, it can be just as bad as refusing to acknowledge that they exist; in both cases the beast has the power to destroy.  In the first case by eating us up from within and in the second by flame throwing destruction that flares outward.

These three cards together for a world-wide energy reading suggest that something very serious is going on with the energies the next few days.  I suspect that something very serious (and historic) is going on either with the health of the planet or an issue that affects many people who live on it. 

The cards could indicate a strained atmosphere that leads up to war (unleashed rage in the material/physical world) or even the danger of a possible epidemic of disease (an angry beast directed at the human body). 

The only good news I get from this reading is that the body card is also a “stop card” with the hand of the figure raised as if to say “stop this now or back off now.”  This could the message of mankind to “The Beast” towards the energies that are trying to destroy and wreak havoc throughout the world at this time. 

That reading would fit with the Wisdom card from a few days ago, although The Beast itself could be something that was In Prison until yesterday (or trapped behind the door of the card) and just now rushing out. 

All in all, I think it is another weekend when paying at least some attention to the world-wide news is a good idea, though again don’t obsess on it.  I think this rather dire warning reading, is still just part of an ongoing process and to stay sane it is important to realize the elements are a bad world situation may be brewing (that’s been showing up for sometime now) but that as individuals we don’t have to let it totally control our lives and thoughts either.

On a personal level, these cards can simply be a caution for the weekend to try to avoid serious stressful situation if possible, pay attention to your personal health (including exercise or listening to your body) and avoiding highly emotionally charged issues and situations (when you can).

If emotional fireworks start out in your family or place of work; take your physical control of your body and either remove yourself from them or do your best to quiet them down.  Again, this isn’t just you and your loved ones, the potentials for serious conflict are there in the “water” so to speak, and knowing this we can all try to go out of our way to be kind and loving to each other as much as possible.

Yes, something serious, fated and possibly nasty may be brewing in the outside world; which makes it all the more important to try to create our personal worlds as peaceful and focused as possible. 

Let you home and hearth be your island of refuge, as your family and friends are your strengths.  Meditations on the cycles of the seasons may be helpful this weekend, as would be focusing on getting in the last of the garden produce (or getting the garden ready) depending on where you live. 

Take care and we shall see how these energies have worked together over the weekend, when I’m back on Monday.  Hopefully there may be more clues as to what, exactly, the cards are about.

Until then, that is your cards for the Weekend!

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