Card of the Day – Thursday Sept 29, 2011

Today’s card is The Prison and it symbolizes a person (or situation) that is trapped and can not see anyway out.  Not only is the figure fettered in irons, but they are turned away from the sun streaming through the bars of the jail.  Also, if the Prisoner were only able to look up and free themselves from their chains, they would realize they can get up and walk through the rather wide bars.  Their food bowl is also empty and shoved to the side and their feelings are obviously that of total misery, neglect and hopelessness.

In a world-wide energy reading, this means the primary energy today is that of being trapped.  While on a macro-level;  this energy is probably affecting everything from votes in the Germany that affect attempt to pull the EU out of the “trap/prison” they have found themselves in lately, to people personally feeling trapped by the current economic and political situations they find themselves living in. 

I myself had a dream last night where I was trapped on a bus and I kept pulling the ringer cord to make the driver stop, and he just kept on going.  He finally let me off about a mile past my stop and still tried to start the bus again as I was stepping off! 

While, like most dreams, I’m sure this has a personal symbolic message for me as well; I think my inner-mind also made use of the major world energy that was dawning at the time, to direct and shape the imagines in the dream itself. 

I think many people (and probably leaders and nations) feel like they are stuck on that bus, pulling and pulling on the chain trying to stop it and it just keeps barreling on.  In the dream, the only thing that seemed to work was pulling the cord and screaming, when I screamed loud enough the bus slowly stopped for a bit and then tried to pick up again while I was in mid-step getting off.

Perhaps that too was a message, that along with the card suggests the one way people can affect things is by standing up and making some real noise (screaming).  The Prisoner on the card is refusing to do this, he has gone from anger to despair and is no longer voicing any opposition to his fate.

While I think yesterday’s Sage Card, indicates we have to use great wisdom in how we make noise, I also think that the previous day’s Union Card, now takes on an additional meaning: that of the Wise, Unification of the Public in speaking out against their cities/states/nations/leaders taking them in directions in which they do not wish to go.

I still feel these previous cards also are significant for the EU/United Nations/United States etc; (all Unions of various sorts); but often cards read on more than one level and I see both patterns here.

Again, an attempt by the world-energies to maintain a balance with the “ship of State” rolling in one direction; and now perhaps, the stirrings of the hostages (sailors) to try and alter the course a bit?

In any case, for individuals this is not a day of easy energy flow, so don’t be too concerned when you have extra feelings of feeling trapped in your circumstances or things just refuse to go as smoothly as you wish. 

You may feel “blocked” in certain aspects of your work and daily tasks, try to keep a sense of humor about this and remember: “This isn’t just me, it is also the energy of the day.”

My gut also tells me this really trapped energy is temporary because energy never stays stable and prefers to move – so I don’t expect the Prison to be a constant state for more than 24 to 48 hours and it should break out soon.  Though in which direction, I am not sure yet…

Tomorrow’s reading will be another weekend edition three card spread (I will be reading out-of-town this weekend at a Psychic Fair – so if you’re in Dublin Ireland, please check my reading schedule page) so hopefully we may get some insight in the direction The Energy is going to move to next.

That is the card for today, remember you can get your personal cards for today or any day by getting a reading.

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