Card of the Day – Wednesday – Sept 28, 2011

The Sage Card in this deck represents wisdom and understanding and in a world-wide reading it shows that today has the suggestion in a need for great Wisdom on the part of many world leaders and the public at large.  It is also a card denoting historical cycles and history in the making, if you notice the wise old man is not only learning from the past (books) he is writing new information for future generations.  In this context, this card reinforces my feelings that this period of time (probably previous months and continuing on for a while yet) is literally MAKING HISTORY and THE WISE person will take note of this and respond accordingly.

It also means that there is real WISDOM out there to be found and used for guidance, if world leaders/nations/tribes are willing to look for it and take advantage of it.  However, the Sage is also very conservative and is resistant to change, he prefers to record rather than react; this may be a day when standing back and taking stock is a better idea than moving forward.  On the other hand, all the learning and wisdom in the universe does not matter much if not applied to real-life situations.

I think this is another cusp/tipping point card, and some of what is recorded today will greatly affect the future (again even if it is behind the scenes).

For the individual; this is a good day for studies, exams, talking to older people, reading history, meditation, taking stock, and even going to the library.  Reading may prove to be a very productive activity today or at least a rather enjoyable one.  A retreat to one’s personal “study” and space may be in order, and should not be avoided if you feel drawn to do so. 

Also a wonderful day if you are a research scientist, in fact I would not be surprised by press releases about some new discovery or invention; especially ones that either rely on the wisdom of the ages or upend the current popular theories in some ways. 

Both actions are part of becoming wise. Knowing when to rely on past experience and when to strike forward in a new direction are both part of becoming The Sage.

That is the card of the day, remember you can get your personal cards for today or any day by getting a reading.

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