Card of the Day – Tuesday Sept 27, 2011

Today’s Card is Union and symbolizes the coming together of divergent strands today.  This is the Lover’s card in this deck and is a very good card for a personal relationship reading.  In a world-wide reading, it can be a bit harder to follow because while this is the Union of something (possibly a political alliance like the EU) the questions question become: What and Whom?

This card has the potential for great good in the world, two lovely streams coming together to make a larger river, but it can also indicate two formerly separate (or courting) entities/energies/nations/blocs etc., coming together to back a common idea or even combine forces.

I would look to today’s news for information about emerging power blocks and in particular monetary or military alliances/treaties/mergers etc.  In particular, I’m concerned about the EU’s next move in terms of its attempts to try to get member nations to give up control of their own monetary policies (a greater “Union” if you will) in order to try to stop the Euro bleeding.  But that could just be me and after all I do live here, so local events are likely to color my world energy card readings.

Another place to keep an eye on would be the UN, a long-time “Union” that could have some interesting outcomes today (or at least this week).

On the other hand, there is also the great potential today for good-unions on a world-wide scale, so people and nations choose to take advantage of it.  A good day for new trading partnerships, technology exchanges, educational conferences and the furthering of the human-knowledge experience.

It all depends on what people choose to do with this energy, Unions (and marriages) can be both good and bad, most have some of both.  But this is a very powerful card in this deck and given that it is also a super-dark moon period (moon is very close to the earth affecting tides etc) I think paying attention to what is going on in the world some very good advice today.

On a personal level, a brilliant and wonderful card, especially for those in good relationships or courting this week.  A great day/week for a marriage or other family celebration, also for business partnerships and good unions of any kind. 

Many people, especially artists and crafts people may feel themselves more “in the flow” as the energy streams come together.  Inspiration is in the air and many even mundane tasks may seem a bit less boring and seem to move a bit faster.

Time itself may seem to speed up a bit, with days flowing freeing rather than seeming to drag on in their tracks.

A fantastic day for meditations and workings that celebrate our Union with all things (and creatures) great and small, including pets and children.

Just don’t take your eye totally off the outer world, even when celebrating your improved relationships, but otherwise enjoy the energy and use it to your full and personal advantage.

That is your card of the Day, remember you can get your cards today or any day by ordering a reading.

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