Card of the Day – Moneday Sept 26, 2011

Today’s card is, once again, The Liar card; a card that indicates today’s strongest energy is that of deception and illusion.  For a world-wide energy reading, it suggests that at least some of what is in the news today may be attempts to obscure, falsify or mislead people or at the very least to distract them from the real issues.

The Liar can take many forms, on this card he wears the face of the joker; entertaining the crowds and hoping they do not notice what is hiding behind the curtain.  He’s very much hoping you will look at his funny doll, his smiling mask and his dancing shoes, and not notice that he may have dropped his money pouch along the way.  Or perhaps he is hoping to pass the pouch around for a refill from the audience, that was a ploy often used by stage performers throughout the ages.  Getting people to pay for being distracted and miss-led may be seen as even better than just miss-leading them in the first place. 

On a personal level, as always when this card comes up; pay close attention to legal contracts and big purchases you may need to make today.  If you can avoid it, simply avoid contracts all together and if you can’t, this is a day when it is especially important to read the fine print.

Some issues may even be a bit comical (like the Joker himself), for example this morning (before I even did the cards) I got a call from my new mobile phone company explaining that my first bill would be 1 1/2 times the quoted amount.  When I asked why I was not informed of this upon signing the contract the nice man explained that, that was what the follow-up phone call was for. 

Feeling the “joke” was a bit on me, I suggested that perhaps informing customers they have to pay money after they had already signed the contract was a bit deceptive.  Of course the employee had no way to do anything about it and I assured him I was not upset with him, but he did try to rush back to his other “talking points.”

This is somewhat how I feel the energy is working today and not just in my life, the push to “sign on the dotted line” will be very great today, but without full or complete disclosure of what the signers are letting themselves in for.

That is your card of the day, remember you can get your cards for today or any day by getting a reading.

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