Card of the Day (Weekend Edition) Sept 23-25, 2011

I’m still having some typing issues, and since I won’t be at the computer much this weekend either – I decided to do a combined three-day reading for the energies of today (Friday Sept 23) and the coming weekend.

As usual, the cards seem to have hit the nail right on the head, with the main issue for today being money (in all forms including banks, stock-markets, salaries and family budgets) with The Home and Friendship being key cards for the weekend.

I think all three cards are somewhat at play over the next three days, with this, perhaps, being the weekend when the macroeconomic events really start “hitting home” to people in their truly massive implications – beyond just the simple (but often heartbreaking) unemployment of friends and family members.

I think this is the weekend when many people (especially in Europe and North America) really start to realize just how vast the problems really are and how directly it may impact them.  Even people (the majority) who are still working are likely to feel the shocks of real, inner disruption taking hold.

Also, people may tend to turn inward towards their homes (cat on the mat, fire in the hearth, the family) and Friendship (real friends, bonds, community) for guidance, comfort and support.

More and more, especially this weekend, people will react to the “money shocks” by “going local” and starting to focus more on things close to hand and their personal communities and friendship networks for survival (mental, physical and spiritual).

This is mostly an over-all good trend, but the downside may be a reaction towards simply ignoring news from the outside, because it just gets too overwhelming.  It is important to pay attention, even briefly, to the outside events and trends, because like the money card, they are going to continue to have an impact on the local level.

On the other hand, the more organized and secure the home and community (real friends) are, the more likely it is that an individual (and family) will be able to muddle through whatever outside events end up landing on their doorstep.

These are your cards for the weekend!

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