Card of the Day Wed Sept 21, 2011

Short reading today as my shoulder is out and I can’t type for very long – but I didn’t want to skip at least looking and seeing what the card(s) were. 

The first card is YES, and when I get the yes or no card, I usually pick a qualifier card to get a sense of “yes or no, what?” and here we have The Father card this reading.

Yes, means that something or someone has been given permission (or given themselves) permission to do something and/or that yes it will happen.

The Father card can be an actual father (or father like figure) but in a world reading is more likely the “fathers” of the world, as this card can also represent laws, authority and patriarchal/tribal societies and my gut is tell me is the direction this card is pointing today.

I am getting a gut feeling about both the Middle East (mostly male dominated, tribal societies) and perhaps those “male dominated” movers and shakers of the West such as bankers and even many Western Democratic leaders.

There is also an undercurrent of “Founding Fathers” in North America, so news about the Tea Party or even just Freedom and Law in general would not surprise me.

But I think the yes card is saying that “Yes,” today is the Day to pay attention to the Middle East and the “Fathers” of the various nations.  Even nations with “Mother” at the helm, such as Germany; should be careful in matters of law and old (male dominated) institutions and their possible decisions today.  I sense that someone has “given them or given themselves” permission to do something.

And as the Father is showing the young boy the direction in which to shoot, this permission is going to aim the direction of world-wide events for the next few weeks at least.

On a personal level, great day to re-connect with all the good things you learned and admire in your own father, grandfather and older male mentors in your life.  They are important as are you own personal “Fathers” aka the men in your family line. 

Many tribal societies see those that have gone before as guiding their descendents in a loving and caring way.  Thinking on them, may be a good meditation for today, that and give yourself permission to do that which is good and needful in your life.

That is the card(s) of the day, remember you can get your cards of the day today or any day, by getting a reading!

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