Card of the Day Tuesday Sept 20, 2011

Today’s card is the home, and as a world-energy card, I see this card as a symbol for our greater home, pretty much Mother Earth herself. After all, this is the Planet that we live on, and today is a good day to think about that and all of its implications.

However, this card also suggests that some of the things currently happening in the world may affect people and their homes directly.  This can be in either a positive or a negative way, my sense being that how it affects your home depends on where you live.  

My gut is telling me that while this card is usually one of the most positive in this deck, that given the previous cards, there may be issues for many people when it comes to maintaining, keeping and supplying their homes; in other-words a strong potential for further issues with home foreclosure’s being in the news this week. 

I also suspect there may be more stories about the growing problems of people either becoming homeless or trying to find new homes, and economic problems related to homes.

More problems for people trying to sell homes and the real estate market in general may come back into focus this week.  While the story has never gone away, it has been a bit in the background during the last part of the Summer, I think unfortunate theme will be returning to the main headlines pretty soon now.

On the other hand, this card can indicate the energies are great for home-focused activities and may signal that people are turning towards the Home as a source of support, entertainment, comfort and pride.  It is natural for societies to go back and forth between periods of great outward focus (parties, night clubs, fast food, public sports, grand events etc) and inward focus (the home, the family, board games and family meals). 

A rare good side of economic down turns can be brining this focus back onto The Home and The Family, bringing them back into a central focus in our lives.  With money tight, going out becomes less attractive, and it becomes popular to take time for families activities like cooking a meal together instead.  What money there is, is more likely to be spent on making The Home, a cozy warm place for people to nest in; instead of a sort of hotel where they sleep and grab coffee before running out the door.

In a crises, the home really is the warm hearth you can come back too, sit by the fire and rest for a while.  It is where you can be yourself, wear your pajamas until noon on Saturday and eat funny flavors of ice-cream.  Homes, no matter how humble, should be a refuge from the storms raging outside and things over which we have no control.

So, for individuals, today is a fantastic day to concentrate on home and hearth, anything from home decorating to sitting down after work with the family, a bowl of popcorn and a favorite movie. 

A evening to stay in and enjoy what you have, as well as taking stock of what you home may need. Also a good day to organize that junk drawer or storage closet.

That is the card for today, remember you can get your cards today or any-day by getting a reading!

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