Card of the Day Monday, Sept 19, 2011

Today’s card if the Voyage, and once again we return to that vast ship of the world moving forward and on-ward, the course perhaps corrected a bit by energies that came to birth over the past week.

There are more cards in this deck (and I changed to a newly opened version of it this morning) and I find it amazing just how many cards keep recurring (because the energies affecting the world may be veering back and forth, but they haven’t been changing that much in terms of what they are).

As before when this card appeared, it means that things are moving on-ward; a very active and outward focused card.  This card can mean either an inner world (soul) journey or outer world physical journey.  In this case I think the card is symbolic for the path that was set in motion of the last week to continue on, until it reaches what ever destination it ends up in. 

Of course, in reality, the world never stops moving, as it voyages through space and time, but in the context of the previous cards; I think this energy refers specifically to what happened (somewhat behind the scenes) I suspect that week that put new energies into motion.  For good of bad, we have yet to see, but again we may not be able to control the big ship; but we can all keep our own life boats stocked and ready just in case the Mother Ship runs into a large rock somewhere.

On a personal level, this card indicates a great day for travel, meditation (inward journeys), adventures and getting actually started on new projects.

It will be interesting to see the rest of the week’s cards, to see just what direction the energies are trying to voyage towards, so stay tuned!

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