Card of the Day – Saturday Sept 17, 2011

Today(s) cards are pretty much those for the weekend, as I will be out-of-town tomorrow and unable to post.  The first Card that Came up is The Scales, this indicates that yesterday’s Birth Card, did indeed signal a coming tipping point, because that is exactly what the Scales card signifies.

It also can be the symbol for a Decision being “weighed in the balance” often one the client (in a private reading) can not do a whole lot about.  It is also, the Scales of Justice balance back and forth as well as the card for BALANCE. 

The last few days have seen the world energies trying to come to some sort of balance point and it appears that point has been reached.  However, nothing in the world stays balanced for very long and these scales show movement as apples fall from the tree (remember our Tree from a few days ago).  Some of the apples fall harmlessly to the ground and do not affect the situation (at least in terms of long-term consequences) but others fall on one side of the scale or the other, causing it to tip back and forth.  At some point, one side or the other may become heavy enough to flip the entire scales over, provided there are enough direct hits, and enough apples….

If this isn’t worrying enough (things feeling out of our control is always a bit worrying).  My clarification card (and to some degree Sunday’s card since I won’t be able to post tomorrow) is The Liar.

The Liar card has come up before and symbolizes either an actual lie being presented or that something is not as it seems.  A couple of weeks ago, this card showed up and I suggested it likely signaled an attempt by the powers that be to mis-represent a situation, either by actual miss-information and/or distraction from the most important events.

I feel strongly that once again this is the case here, and that this time not only is the world at an important tipping point, but that someone has a great deal invested in the public (or the world) not seeing what is really going on. 

“They” are going to try to show the smiling mask of the joker, while at the same time allowing him to dance and distract with his puppets and toys as long as possible. 

What I’m not sure of, is exactly what is hiding behind his curtain, behind the stage and on the right of the card (as facing you).  Is the Wizard of Oz, standing back there trying to control things with levers, lights and a sound machine? If so, what is “he” really trying to do, other than distract us from what is really going on?

If so, what is he actually hiding?  And even more to the point, is he actually in control of the tipping point, or like the Wizard of the Yellow Brick Road is he  just pretending to be (or thinks that he is)?

My gut is telling me that part of these cards are touching on the energies of the various economic meetings taking place around the world just now, with their usual combinations messages of super-doom but “don’t worry, everything will be fine,” now back to the World Cup qualifying games..

I don’t think that is all of it though, I think there are a lot of strands of this web finally coming together in a lot of areas, that are about to become either a tightly woven cloth or a spider’s web of holes, depending on how many apples fall and where they end up landing.

I suspect that some of the many factors coming into play are as varied as drought/flooding/disease problems affecting world-wide farming; the REAL long-term effects of both the Japanese nuclear disaster and the BP Oil well problem in the Southern US Gulf area; and increasingly weird weather patterns affecting both the North and Southern regions of the world.  There may also be concerns about earthquakes and pandemics that the public is only getting hints of or even something wilder (and harder to imagine) that we are being distracted from.

But whatever is coming down the pike, this is a time when events are poised to take off in one direction or another; and it is likely that it is in someone(s) interests that the public not be too aware of either future potential being weighed by the scales.

So this weekend watch for distractions, slights of hand, miss-directions, public announcements that sound too-good-to-true, major “news” involving the famous and the fallen, in other-words anything but the real issue; whatever it is.

I just had a flash that those interested should watch the young man who is being accused of being the “rogue trader” who “alone” caused a couple of billion dollars to be “lost” from a major banking empire based in Switzerland.  I just noticed, when checking this story again for this blog, that suddenly most of the front page news about it had gone “poof,” it is still there, but more difficult to find. 

You can read about here from Yahoo News, it has been noticed before that these sorts of stories tend to come up, just before some major financial crash or crises finally bashes its way out into the open.  I have no idea if this young man actually did what he is accused of or not, but the story seems to indicate that “something is not as it seem” in the banking world.

And something not being as it seems is the absolute basis of the Liar Card…

Watch this story, even if the news buries it and pay attention to the man behind the curtain, because these cards tell me that even if you can’t see him, he’s there and rather busy this weekend. 

Monday should be a very interesting day, as should the whole of next week…

Meanwhile, be careful today and don’t buy a used car (or a used card as my typo suggested the last time this card came up lol) today; focus on big life decisions if you must but remember to be very careful to have all the facts before you make a final choice.

Or, go out and enjoy the Fall/Spring sunshine and take a walk in the woods for a few hours.  Enjoy time with your family and otherwise have a good weekend.  I sense that, perhaps with the exception of meditations and prayers, there is not a lot the average person can do to affect these cards, at least not now.  With the exception of refusing to be distracted and refusing to accept all main stream news at face value. 

Other than that, we are all waiting along with everyone else, so kiss your spouse and pet your pets; relax and refresh yourself while the world gets ready for the next round.  We’ll all meet it better if we’ve had a good weekend and a good night’s sleep on Sunday.

That’s the cards for this weekend,

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