Card of the Day – Friday Sept 16, 2011

Well, after Union/Marriage or yesterday’s card, it is often common for a birth to occur sometime later.  This card suggests to me that whatever yesterday’s union was, it is/will give birth to something a lot sooner than the usual nine months down the road.

This also fits with other recent cards indicating new (or historically repeated) patterns coming to the fore, with the things coming up from the depths, to take root in the present, which have now combined and are giving birth to this current era.

On of my readers suggested that Yesterday’s Union card could be about the European Union and while I sense that is a possible meaning for part of the card, I think what ever is going on most of the world will be affected.  If the EU is playing a role, it is only in the sense that it may be a marker in terms of what is happening there, is likely to spread out to affect everywhere else to one degree or another.

I also think that all of these card go back to the decision (Puzzle) card from several weeks ago, when a decision was made behind the scenes that might take a while to play out in the active/outside world.  I believe this is starting to come forth and whatever that decision was, will not be able to be hidden much longer as it is coming forth into the light of day.

In Spanish, when a woman has a baby, you say she “gave light” or “brings forth light” and this is the sense I have with this birth.  Light is soon going to dawn on the average person just what exactly is going on and being planted.  What has come together and just what is growing in this New Forest…

Again, I sense a mix of possibilities here, some helpful for the general public and other things which are not.  However, I also sense that pivot points are tipping over and the time when the direction of these forces can be changed is becoming more limited by the day.

Those who wish for right action, should work with the birthing energy to bring for that which is good, true, loving and beautiful in their own lives and send forth that energy towards The Planet.  It may not stop the oppositional forces but it can help counter act or reconfigure them somewhat into something a bit more harmonic than the original plan may have been. 

The world in general feels at a real crises point, which some decisions (both human and beyond) already made and the course somewhat set now.  But there are many eddies and waves that can bounce things in various directions and many of them are positive.

The best we can do at this point is to try to catch our correct and most favorable wave and hang on to our own surf board until we land.  By doing that on millions of individual levels, we can affect what happens to the energies around us.

In general this is a very good card, but like yesterday I have hesitations about it. 

For individuals, in addition to concentrating on bringing forth good and loving thoughts, it is a great day to start new projects (including babies), start a new business, begin a new relationship or do anything new and different you’ve been wanting to try for a while.

This energy is mildly in the active range, birth being a very physical activity (and yet labor will happen, it doesn’t matter if the Mother is ready or not) and often a painful one.

The results of birth usually bring great joy, when the baby that comes forth in pain and blood is healthy, strong and whole. 

Lets here it for healthy babies and joyful results, even if our personal babies saw Meow and Wooff…

That’s the Card of the Day,

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