Card of the Day – Thursday Sept 15, 2011

If I was reading for a relationship, Today’s Union Card and yesterday’s Tree, would suggest a good and long-term marriage was in the offing.  Because we are reading for world energies, I would say these cards once again suggest that balance is being attempted by those same energy forces.  That both active and passive energies are trying to come to some sort of compromise (at least for a few days) and that this is probably a reaction to their previous back and forth marathon that had been going on for the past several weeks.

Like all energy situations, this period of calm and union is unlikely to last, but we can all hope this period of relative stability may lead to some calmer thinking and actual far-sighted planning on the part of those with the power to influence world events.

While this card is almost always positive, it does need to be pointed out that not all things that come together (marriage/union/blending) are a good idea.  But my guess is that whatever yesterday’s tree represented as putting down roots, has now unified with the forces that it need to and is now become more solid and real.  The streams are coming together and the world will need to go with the flow (or at least experience it) we can only hope that the stream stays within its designated channels, and does not burst out later into a flood.

The symbol of the Holy Grail or loving cup beside the streams, shows the power of the Divine to over-see such situations.  So, if things are really flooding out beyond our control, that is the one source we can look to for protection and control.

On a personal basis, this card is wildly positive and if your planning to ask you beloved to marry you, today is a perfect day to do so.  It is also a great day for partnerships of all kinds, including business and close friendships. 

It is also a wonderful day for working on the union between various parts of our-selves, good for meditation and taking walks in the woods.  A good day for feeling out and experiencing our universal union with all life, that we have a very deep level.

That’s the Card of the Day for Today

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