Card of the Day – Wednesday Sept 14, 2011

While the Tree card has variable meanings, one of the most important is Balance, with both the roots in the earth and the branches in the sky.  This card tells us that the energies are still trying to balance themselves and work through the see-saws of energy swings we have been seeing over the past several weeks.  The Tree card suggests this may finally be happening, with whatever it was that The Moon Card of yesterday saw coming out of the depths, finally coming forth and putting down roots to become more permanent and part of the landscape.

Another meaning of this card can be the firm foundation and the family tree, usually a good card; especially in a relationship reading; I think this card shows the potential today for new ideas to branch out and bear fruit.  Of course, not all new ideas are good ideas; but usually trees are long-lived and able to get through a lot.

From the perspective of the historical cycles we are seeing (in some of the previous readings) this card also indicates that some energies are more constant, as a Great Tree can also live for many generations and experience (and remain strong) through more than one of them.

Finally, there is the Norse/Germanic concept of the World Tree or of the Tree as the symbol that connects the world of man(People) to that of the other-worlds (both psychical and spiritual), there’s a little squirrel that runs up and down The World Tree taking messages from the upper realms to the lowest parts of the roots and back again.  So the Tree represents both connectedness and communications as well as semi-permanence. 

A tree does not live forever, but a great tree usually lives longer than one human life-span (and some live for hundreds of them).  My gut feeling is that this tree tells us both that things are settling in a bit in the way they will be going for quite a while, putting in roots as it were; and also that it is wise to remember that the great cycles of the ages are more than just one human generation.  What happens now, is setting the foundation for what may be coming for a very long time.

On a personal note, a good day to “put down your roots” so to speak, take care of your home and personal spaces.  Connect with family and friends (especially long-distance ones) reaffirm your garden plans and in general talk to a tree or two if you have time.  They may have free words to say, but those they have are usually well worth listening too.

That is the card for today,

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