Card of the Day, Tuesday Sept 13, 2011

Today’s card shows a return to the Lunar, intuitive, inner focused energy that we saw a couple of weeks ago.  This is a good time for some balance and pull back, especially with yesterday’s Liberation Card, which may have indicated the breaking free of one cycle and the entering into a new one.  

The Moon Card not only is appropriate as we exist the current full moon period of the lunar calendar, but also because it once again signals something new coming up from the depths of the sea.  This can be the literal ocean or more likely ideas springing forth deep from the minds of the collective unconscious. 

As always, these ideas and movements from the deep have the potential to be either good or bad, depending on how they are applied.  And since nothing exists totally on its own, it is likely that this new phase welling up from the innermost depths will be connected somewhat to what has gone before. 

However, I sense that what may be coming forth now has been hidden for a very, very long time.  There may be nothing new under the sun, but sometimes things take a long vacation veiled in the Lunar darkness.

From a personal point of view, today is a great day to focus inward again; taking stock and care of your emotional and mental life.  After several days of outward focus and activity, a natural fall back is in order; with mediations and dreams once again taking center stage.

A good period to pay careful attention to your dreams, because this would be the perfect time for both your inner self and/or the Universe to send you important messages to help guide you along your way.

Also a good day for making plans for the future based on gut feeling and perceptions, a good day in general to pay attention to that “inner-voice” that guides us when we managed to take time and listen to it.

Tonight would also be a great night for family moon watching and celebrating the last energies of this lovely Harvest Moon…

That’s are card for the day (and night)

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