Card of the Day Monday Sept 12, 2011

Today’s card is liberation, it is connected to the Prison card, and is symbolizes a release from Prison or breaking free from something that has been restrained.

This is a good card in that the energy is usually positive, because to break free is great feeling as is the sense of moving forward and no longer being trapped.

But it also symbolizes freed energy unsure of its destination, what is has been released is now running away at full speed, but towards what, the people involved (the couple on horse back) may have no idea.

It is possible to be so excited just to be moving, that the destination becomes blurred, or at least less important in the frantic urge to escape.

Freedom must be used wisely and well or it can lead into danger, instead of safety.

I think this card also shows a refreshing change from the weekends world-wide focus on the physical body and death; probably brought about by the 9/11 memorials and all the energy that was put into them.  Not a bad thing, there is a time and a place for such memorials, but this card suggests that now that it is over, times and events are sweeping forward in another direction.

Hopefully the direction is out of the self-imposed Prison that much of the Western world has put itself in for the last decade.  But that will have to be the mutual choice of a whole lot of people, each person is free only to make their own.

On a personal level a good card for new projects, breaking out of destructive patterns and enjoying life. 

That’s a very short card of the day, high winds here in Ireland have many without power and I want to post now in case they take down our Internet – Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with another card of the day!

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