Card of the Day – Sunday Sept 11, 2011

Today’s card is The Body with the qualifier card of Death, because I pulled the same card as yesterday, I pulled another card asking for more information and Death is what came up.

While the body usually represents the material world, it can also be a marker for health or anything to do with the human body.  As one friend pointed out, it is also humanity at its more vulnerable as the figure has his skin removed, leaving nothing between him and the outer world.

The Death card in this deck is the ancient burial mound, which can also symbolize the cycles of the ages (but not to the degree that the Wheel of Changes card does).  It often signals the death or final ending of something or someone, it is not on its own a bad card, but taken in context with all the other cards this past month or so, it is concerning in this context.

These cards could portend the actual and physical death of person(s) or they could be a marker for all the memorials being held today for 9/11 and the mass-energy focus on that event.  Each year, this date focuses millions of people on the deaths that took place in New York City ten years ago, and that could be what the cards are picking up.

A more disconcerting reading is that some new situation (or even just very public death) is coming into play.  I certainly hope not, and with the mass-energy focus on a day like this, it is very hard to separate out actual psychic portents of doom, from the echoes of those that have already taken place.

I would say that today is a good day for both being careful and remembering those who have passed. 

Look for the ending of something in the material world, hopefully the ending of something that needs to finish rather than something that would have been better left to survive. 

While yesterday was a totally outward focused day, today’s card suggest an inner focus on safety and taking care of one (and one’s families) physical world. 

A good day to stay in and cook up some comfort food, as for me I’m off to finish canning the pasta sauce and put up water in case predicted storms hit here, in Ireland, later this evening. 

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