Card of the Day – Saturday Sept 10, 2011

Today’s card is The Body and shows the continuing swing of energies outward and towards the physical and concrete world.  Paramount today may be issues of health, well-being, illness and even physical safety or danger.

On a world-wide reading, this also tells us to look for events in the real-material world becoming manifest as opposed to just being discussed or thought about.  If you look at the figures arm and hand, I have also always felt there is a “stop now” or “blocking” energy to this card that says,

“go this far and no further.”

That energy isn’t present every time I read this card, but I am feeling it here.  Something may be threatening the health of The Planet (or people on the Planet) but it is not being just accepted without resistance. 

Whatever happens (or does not appear to happen) today’s focus is all about the here, now and present-material-world.

Which is not to say that individuals can have no experience of the inner-realms or intuition today; just that the over-lying energy is focusing on the material/active/physical energy rather than the mental/inward/spiritual energy. 

In fact, as individuals I would stress using your intuition, meditation techniques and even deep thought to stay in touch with your “gut” feelings.  Not to give into fear, but just to pay attention to what your body may be saying to you.

This is a good day to take stock of your physical situation, do you need to exercise more? Do you have enough food in your house to get by for a couple of weeks? Have you had a doctor’s check up in the last five years? Are you making sure to do a few enjoyable and active activities to keep your body and mind happy and well oiled?

For individuals, this is also a great day for sports and outdoor activities; even something as simple as walking in the sunshine or playing with your pets. 

A good day for couples to remember why they got married, perhaps leaving the kids with a sitter for a few hours and going to enjoy a hot tub or brief hotel-break.

Anything that celebrates the body, the physical senses and the material world (in a good way) is to be encouraged today. 

But pay attention to your surroundings too, there are many things in the material world that can suddenly spring up to confront you.  Be ready to raise that arm to stop them, but meanwhile enjoy the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.

We come into this world for a reason and sometimes we just need to take some time to try to enjoy it.

That is the card of the day!

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