Card of the Day – Friday – Sept 9, 2011

Today’s Card is Friendship and continues to show that the previously stuck energies are changing and moving along into new pathways.  This one has great potential for good, though like all cards there can be a some-what darker side.  

From a world-wide energy reading, this card shows that there is a rare opportunity today for Nations, tribes and individuals to sit down in good faith and enjoy each other’s company.  That choice is there, if folks choose to take it; on the other hand not all alliances and friendships are exactly what they seem on the service. 

Because of the recent energies of deception, lying and change; I would also have to caution that there is also a good chance for “false-friends” or “false-treaties” in the works.  True friendship involves sharing and honesty on both sides, which previous cards have indicated is just not in the water, at least not on a world-wide scale at the moment.

However, there will hopefully be a general atmosphere of good feeling and friendliness floating about in the air today, making truly honest and heartfelt relationships more likely and easier to contract. 

For individuals, this is a great day to visit with friends and another day when the energy is focusing outward into the social/physical realm, rather than towards more inward workings.  We’ve swung from The Cave Card (withdrawal, hiding, pulling away, inner-space towards the need to connect with others in the outer world. 

This swing is a good balance because it is important to have both a connection to the self and with the small community of like-minded people we choose to share our lives with.  When times becomes difficult (on either a personal or a macro scale) it is this close-knit tribe of friends and family that we can share with and turn towards for support, love and kindness. 

This is a really good day for going out to dinner, a party, or anything else that is enjoyable to share with others.  In marriages and partnerships, it is also a good day for working on the friendship aspect of your relationship; sharing something you both enjoy and can even laugh about would go with the general energy flow today. 

So, over all really good energy day; with the caution that on a world-wide scale those choices are still there for both good and not-so-good partnerships and alliances.  Once again, we can can’t do much about the choices of those “in power” but we can use “our power” to make choices for ourself.  Choose to enjoy your own friends today and you can help spread that good energy outward towards all…

That’s the Card of the Day

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